Tuesday, 29 May 2012

♥ : Maybelline Expert Wear Natural Smokes Quad

So I bought this quad a couple weeks ago and have been 
wanting to share my thoughts with y'all
the moment i started using it,and i'm lovin' it , its a very simple quad with 
four colors that you will need
for neither a day time look or dramatic look. or a you reach for it when you don't know what
look to go for that day thing.

I picked this up at Big ws for 10 dollars during a big sale,i think it
was 15 dollars before,somehow i only bought one(regretting,Lol)
this is a newer version of these quads, it has a horizontal pan
the older ones has four squares
that has brow bone,lid, crease and outer corner and this new one has
base, lid , crease and liner , and the both still show you steps and stuff

these quads all come in with mattes and shimmers which is good,
i used to have another one of these quads, the Sunlit Bronze quad, that was completely
full on shimma shimma , oh boy, i never used all them four colors at once, it was too much
so, Maybelline is improving in someways whatsoever. 

this quad has two mattes, the base and liner(they have a little shimmer in 
the pan but it doesn't show up
on the eye or swatches) and two shimmers, lid and crease,
the base is my fav in this quad, i use it as an overall lid color most of the time
and its great for the brow bone highlight.

Description says :
• Four coordinating shades with step by step application guide makes shadow easier than ever.
• All-day crease-proof wear.
• Glides on effortlessly with superior smoothness
• Velvet-tip applicator blends without tugging or pulling.
• Ophthalmologist-tested.  Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers


Just sweep the brush x4:
1. Apply base color
2. Sweep shade on lid
3. Contour crease and blend
4. Line around eye

the shadows are swatches on my NC35 skin, no base whatsoever
with flash

no flash

the pigmentation is better than i expected, the two matte colors surprised me 
they are sooooo smooth, and they do glide on like it too,
yeay for that ! the two shimmers were okay, leaning towards that
chunky feeling side a bit, but it doesn't effect the way it applies,
which is good.

-the base color is like a cream beige color, 
not like a shocking white tho
-the lid color is a brown color but more on the frosty side, 
looks like its almost silver in a way
-the crease color is a brown color, reddish brown, as you can see in the
swatch picture, like, a teddy bear brown color, love it.
-the liner color is a matte brown, that is very similar to revlon's matte eyeshadow
in sable, or a non shimmer version of urban decays twice baked.

excuse my hairy eyebrows ! -_- i had them done two days after that pic was 
taken, so its way better now, haha, so glad.

the look i had was wearing this quad, starting with m.a.c's paint pot in Soft Ochre 
and then starting with 
the base color all over the lid, the lid color on the crease 
and the crease color on the outer corners, and liner color smudged on top 
of m.a.c's blacktrack fluidline on the upper and bottom line, fluideline
on my upper and bottom waterline as well, and then finished it off with my all
time favorite the Falsies Mascara,
a very quick look, easy done in five mins,if im in a hurry
i would just use my fingers to do it for an even quicker application
but probably using less colors.

i wear makeup most of the days of the week, for at least 10 hours a day
and these shadows didn't smudge or crease on me at all, which is great
so overall, i love it,
packaging is very slim and thin, fits into your makeup bag easy,
doesn't take up much space storage wise,
pigmentation is awesome,
i would defiantly re purchase it, and ! Recommend it to all of you :)

Hope you enjoyed reading my little review :)
and until my next post,

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Red Hair ♥ !!

Hey girls, here is a post about my hair and the new color :)

As y'all know, 2 months ago i dyed my hair to a purple black shade with red undertones 
with a Japanese brand hair dye, and it faded very soon, in a couple weeks,
 and the bleached blond colors
came back, so it was disgusting again. I didn't like it at all, 
so then i did some research on red hair and decided
to go for it :) Best decision made ever ! Love the red, i went to my friends private salon, and she did an amazing job on the color, i told her i wanted a red that has the 
same effect as the Rihanna red, i showed
her this color chart on my phone and she suggested Deep Auburn Red as the 
undertone, and then added Red
all over as the shade on top, i you know what i mean ;)
It looked great, you would only see the Deep Auburn Red indoors, 
but once you go under the sun, bom !
I got this bright red shinning through my hair, awesome highlights, 
i looked like i was glowing in red,lol. But i love it love it love it.  

here is a picture of my hair before, i don't have one that shows the back,
but it was lots of different shades from dark brown to dark blonde, thanks to the bleach

she started with putting the darker red in my hair for 30 mins,
after washing it out, she put in the bright red mixed with bleach all over for 20 mins
, she also added some long layers (i didnt have any layers in my hair before,at all
so it was flat and boring ) and side swept bangs(i had full fringe),then voila !

hello ! >:)

here is a picture i took when i was still in the salon, it was just indoor
white lights(the red shows through better under yellow),the
long layers actually made my hair look even longer when its down
and i thought, meh, its not the red i wanted
but i wasn't surprised until i went outside to have a look,
then i was really happy with it :)

these pictures were all taken with my phone, so the quality isnt as great as a camera
but as long you can see the colors :)

this is taken out doors with no sun light hitting on me, and you can see the red coming through 
already but not as tense as it would be under the sun.

the sun was almost gone that day when i left, 
so i took more pictures of it the next day,and here it is, so red
it was the exact thing i was asking for, very impressed :)

the good thing about having two different tones is so it doesn't have that
crazy bright red that makes you look mad, if you know what i mean,
just because i think it might not suit me, but i'm actually thinking about going for that
when this one completely wears off and doesn't look as good anymore

now we all know that red is one of the most difficult colors to maintain in your hair
so very simple and easy tips for it
-Use a colored shampoo for it every once a week,helps to enhance the color
and locks it down(first time i washed my hair, the water came out hot pink,
omg. scared me a bit, lols)

-Dont apply too much heat to your hair because it can damage your hair even more
and make your hair look dull make the red fade.(i try not to curl my hair
too much, hehe, but its too tempting)

-Wash your hair with cold water, not freezing cold or hot! Think, pores,
when you wash it with hot water the pores will open the the color in it
will get washed away, so the cold helps to lock it in.

the red shampoo i'm using is the De Lorenzo nova
fusion color care shampoo, i got two different colors,
Cherry Red and Fire Red
Cherry Red enhances the purple and red pigments

Fire Red enhances the orange and red pigments.

they both look the same in the bottle, a blood red color with lots of shimmer in it
i guess thats the stuff that helps your hair shine,
i wash my hair now twice a week,
i would use my normal shampoo for cleansing first(TRESemme Color Protection
Shampoo), and then i would take the Cherry Red shampoo(it says Massage color
care shampoo into wet hair, rinse & repeat, leave in for up to 5 mins
or according to desired result, rinse out and apply conditioner),
and then just use a normal
conditioner(TRESemme Colour Protection Conditioner)
 for it or maybe a hair mask, depends what i feel like

Since i live in a small city, they can only be found in two places,
Hair House Warehouse ($25)or GlamCo.($18),yes freaking
expensive for a small bottle thats only got 250ml of product in it
and i use at least 3 pumps everytime i wash my hair
ugh.but its a great shampoo
im using Cherry red at the moment, and it defiantly made the red
more vibrant when its outside, and more purple when im indoors,
so im very happy with it, ill start using Fire Red when i finish this bottle.

more pics :)

my hair under artificial light 

and oh !:D
i got my helix pierced yesterday, so i'm very excited about it
and i'm already browsing for bars and earrings for it,
found some really good ones on eBay,

really want that croc one and the skulls :) so cute ! 

so that was my little update on my hair,
hope you liked it :)
until next time

a little update for this post :)
better picture of the hair color under the sun

curly hair ;D