Thursday, 18 April 2013

BH Cosmetics Glitter Collection Loose Glitter Review : Night Vision, Gold, Pearl, Hot Magenta, Deep Red, Lime Green, Dusty Blue

BH Cosmetics has released their brand new Glitter Collection last month, 20 new shades
of loose glitter. Being a BH fan, I ordered seven of them straight away.

They came in a little box each, fresh bright colored little boxes with a plastic screen
on two sides so you can see what is what.

Deep Red, Night Vision, Dusty Blue, Lime Green, Gold, Hot magenta, Pearl

They were $5.95 each, BH cosmetics is having a promotion on them right now for 42% off
so get it now for $3.50 only before its too late. Its such a good value for a super versatile
product like this. You can use it on any part of your body, not just eyes,
but nails, lips, cheeks etc. Plus the shade range is very big, 20 shades of glitter you can choose
from, what more can you ask for?

On their website, BH Cosmetics recommend that you apply the glitters with a wet brush, so spray your brush with fix plus or dip it in any mixing medium, 
clear lip gloss, eye lash glue then pack it on, and you will get your beautiful pigmented sparkle

If you wanna sparkle your nails, all you gotta do it, dip your nail into the glitter while the polish
is still wet, or srinkle it onto the areas you want to glitter to be on.

Deep Red
Dark red color with blue, purple and gold reflex 
This one would be awesome on the lips to spice up any red lip for a night out
or paaarty !

Lime green
Light lime almost neon color green with gold reflexes 
Love the 'neoness'  of this glitter, it would look so good on the inner
tear duct or bottom lash line as a little pop of glitter, very pretty.

Dusty Blue
Nice medium blue with blue, red, green and gold reflexes
Typical blue color glitter, great to spice up your eyeliner that day if your
feeling like 'I want a bit more on my eyes today'. 

Night Vision
Dark grey black color glitter with silver reflex
I love this color, a black glitter can be very pretty on anything,
on your lips for a dark look, or if you want your black eyeliner to sparkle a bit that day
but not too much of a color, this will work.

A white glitter with light purple, teal and gold reflex
Very pretty snowy glitter, you can pack this on any look to glam it up.

Gold glitter having gold reflex, no other color in it. Plain old true gold.
I love to have a gold glitter handy, its a color that would go with any other color look.
I think this is the one I will be using the most out of the bunch.

Hot Magenta
A dark hot pink color with blue gold and purple
(I cannot find my picture :< I'll update this post again soon with a close up pic of it)

My favorite one ? : Gold & Hot Magenta

These are great basic colored glitters, very handy to have in your makeup collection, 
since they come in so many great shades,
very pigmented, sizes of it is perfect,it's also very versatile. And good value !

I would totally recommend you to go get some while its still on sale.
Awesome stuff. Love it.
Hope you found this post enjoyable 
seriously check these babes out if your into glitter,
have fun !


  1. Hi! I had bought 4 of them (Pearl, Black, Deep Red and Dusty Blue - my favorite), but after seeing your post... I really crave that Hot Magenta x.x
    Great review! I liked that you made clear the reflexes and colors the glitters have! I couldn't find anyone else who had done that XD
    I'll be posting this week on my blog the BH Cosmetics Haul I did.. i'll leave you the address in case you wanna take a peak ;) it's
    It's in spanish (i'm from Argentina), but I'm sure google Translation will help you out :P
    Anyway, nice review!

    1. wow thank you very much ! I'm very happy that you found it helpful ! :D I love hot magenta too ! It looks so good on ! I'm just reading your blog now, your awesome ! And those nails you have are mad , I love it!

    2. They're nothing compared to yours! I love the acrylic ones you did with blue glittery tips! They look really cute <3 And the zombie nails are frikin AWESOME!

  2. I bought 2 of these glitters a little while ago! I got the lime green one and mermaid blue which is absolutely the most magical colour I have ever seen! I love these glitters and will definitely be buying more! Night Vision looks amazing, I think I need that one next.