Thursday, 22 December 2011

Eotd : purple blue smokey look ♥

hey everybody,
so i have a look to show you guys today ,
its basically what xsparkage did with her Violet Storm Palette (click for her tutorial here
which is very pretty, kind of a smokey purple look with a bright blue
liner on the bottom line
awesome for a regular daily wear and i
just re created it with the colors i have in my own collection :D

Products used :
NYX Hd eyeshadow primer
NYX Jumbo pencil-milk
Red earth eyeshadow-#PU044
M.A.C eyeshadow-parfait amour
M.A.C eyeshadow-freshwater
NYX eyeshadow-vanilla sky
Sugarpill Loose eyeshadow-Royal sugar
M.A.C Fluideline-Blacktrack
Maybelline-The Falsies Mascara
Rimmal Lipstick-Birthday Suit
M.A.C long wear pro foundation-NC35
M.A.C bronzer powder-Bronze
NYX mosaic powder-spice

so hope you guys liked it,
follow me on facebook and
untill next time

Friday, 9 December 2011

m.a.c , lush , china glaze haul & review ♥

hey everybody, im back with a haul today :D
so i went shopping yesterday, and basically i went to mac, and some other
places pickin up some stuff i wanted,

m.a.c pro long wear spf 10 foundation - NC35
i was actually looking for a new foundation, and i wanted to try mac's new foundation,
the mastermatch one, so i went to mac, note that i'm in HK, and i asked them about
it, and the ma said its not in the asian macs yet and it doesn't come out till
like the end of 2012 -_________-  right, so, maybe i didn't check about it
cause i was too excited about it, bummer. Anyhew so then i went for the pro long wear which was like my second choice. And, i like it ! Didn't let me down :D

so the girl picked the NC35 shade for me, perfect shade :D
she was really nice, i asked for the shade that suited my skin
because some MAs in make up counters always match your shade
wayyyyy lighter than you are, its weird. if you get what im saying,
its the 'trend' in Jap and HK or wherever else who likes
to have their skin lighter than what they are.And when them girls wear a shade
that is lighter and you can clearly see the difference(from their neck ! o.o) its .....errm.

it comes with a pump, which is great ! most high end brands have
their foundations with no pump, and just pour it out straight from the bottle,
which can cause a lot of 'accidents', cause some people can't
to control the amount and make a mess, specialy if its a runny one o.o

so, as you can see, the picture on the left is me and
my bare face (besides i had some eyeliner on, teeheee)
and i applied one layer of the pro long wear with just a foundation
brush, it gives a nice mid coverage,
and it lightens up my face, and it feels very light
not sticky, very easy to blend with a brush 
i actually wore this today for 8 hours, and i didn't have to blot my face at all !
which is awesome,love it !

Lush - Soap,Honey I washed the kids

just a little share of my soap addictions, i love lush soaps and bath bombs
and this time i got their famous honey i washed the kids, love the scent,
smells exactly like fresh honey,what can i say more ? ;D

China Glaze Crackle Glaze Polish- Oxidized Aqua

so i wanted to try a crackle polish, so i found the china glaze ones, i wan't
too interested in the o.p.i ones, so i got this one, the color is so pretty.
shimmer matalic aqua color

i didn't really know the trick to different effects when appying it
so i just did one thick coat and a thin coat, and i guess
i did it right, hah, yeay !

i'd say this lovely blue suits best on top of pink, makes a nice contrast :)
not overly sharp like a white or black would.

So hope you enjoyed this little hual today
and untill next time.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Marble Nails ! ♥

Hey guys, soooo,
today was one on those lazy days for me
where you just stay home and be very unproductive,
and as i was on Youtube, i saw this video from Andrea's channel
of her doing marble nails

after watchin it , i wanted to do it, and im just gonna show you how did
mine show up using her method :) its pretty awesome , i love it,
i made kind of a mess tho, after all, its my first attempt :D
so you need,
-scotch tape
-cotton puffs
-cotton q tips
-container with water
-towel under neath everything (if your a mess maker like me)
-nail polish remover
-a few different nail colors that you'd like

so you drip the nail polish in there,(* note that super shimmers and glitters wont work well)
about 8 to 10 drips, depends on how you like it really,
then you drag your toothpick on the top of the design and
make it pretty like so
it looks real pretty in the water,right ? o.o
okay and then, oh ! remember to have your nail ready before all this
tape it ! or you'll make a mess when you dip your finger in there,
because it can be very annoying to try to clean it off.
so you dip it in there for 10 secs so it hardens on your nail and wont
smudge when you take it out (i totally didnt do that
for the first nail and totally accidentally smudged it bahahaha)

so you dip it in there for 10 secs, then,
don't just pull it out straight after, you have to remove all the other
polish that is remaining on the water away,if you dont if will ruin your design when
you take your finger out, so you just remove it with a cotton pad or whatever you have
* while your finger is still in there ! *

ew, haha

and then, here you go ! simply just remove the tape around your finger
clean off any excess polish that is on your finger,
let it dry for another 5 secs then put your top coat on
and there you go :D awesome marble nails
see how theres a smudge on the thumb nail, ahah, whoops :D

hope you liked it, definatly try it out !
its so fun to do it
until next time

TheFace Shop Black Head Nose Clay Mask & SkinFood Peach Sake Pore Serum Review ♥

Hey guys,
so  a few days ago i flew back home from Townsville
cause i have graduated high school, yeayy
and so im gonna spend the next couple months in Hong Kong
which i'm really excited about.
Anyways, so when i was still in Townsville studying
Mum went to Korea cause of business and actually bought me
some stuff,
so thank you mum for getting me things even u were very busy

First off  from The Face Shop its the
Black Head Nose Clay Mask
when i went to Korea last Christmas i was meant to go get it but i
ended up forgetting somehow, so this time, thanks mum !
since i always want to try different things out, you know ,
try this and that and see which one works best for me,cause everyones different
i dont have a serious nose problem, but i still do regularly cleaning,
which is once or twice every two weeks
just to give you an idea how big it is
it doesn't have any particular scent to it, so thats good :D
ive tried nose masks that smelt so weird i didn't even want to use it o-o
the texture is very thick, like it said its clay, and you actually have to apply
it very evenly on your nose, and thick ! or else it won't peel off easy,
and only try to peel it off when its completely dry, or you'll just make a mess like i did. haha
and it has been recommended to be peeled off starting from the
bottom, so you pull the black heads out easier :D

Warning * these pictures can be a bit gross ;)

i was actually pretty happy with the result, it did manage to pull out
most of the black heads,(picture didnt show all of it, guess i take crappy pictures
haha, oh well).

Skin Food Peach Sake Pore Serum
this is one of my absolute favourites ever ! its a pore serum,
i love it, i apply this all over my face after cleansing + toner, it does a pretty
amazing job if you have pretty big pores, i dont have big pores but i found out that this is great
for oily skin people.
It makes my skin feel very smooth and soft, not oily at all. And i love that
scent, peachy but not like candy scent which i dont really like,very light
and fresh

the packaging ? it comes with a pump ! yeay for that, the only thing i dont really like about it
is the body of the bottle is made of glass,which makes it pretty heavy,but hey, it looks good
on the outside hehe

the cream itself is more on the watery side, but not runny like
and it has a hint of pink shimmer in it,
which you wont really notice unless you really have a good look at it

so yea these are my thoughts on
the couple things that my mum has got me,
hope you enjoyed it :D
until next time