Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Page names that you will be forever stuck with. But thank god I could change it!

So a few weeks ago, I have finally decided that I wanted to change my page name, I felt like that my old page name, which was "SweetGlittter", was too hard for anyone to remember, since I now have my own little freelance business in my town, and this name does not just represent my bIog anymore, I have found it very hard to explain when I hand my business cards to people, same thing happens when I try to introduce my blog or Facebook page or YouTube channel to people.  It just sounded more like a candy selling business than anything that is beauty or makeup related.

So I have came up with "Jun Beauty" as my new page name, It is very "cliche" and typical, I know, but it does make it much easier for anyone to remember.

I have also erased my old Facebook page and created a new one, because Facebook wouldn't let me change my name without a good ''proof'' of documents.
Hopefully everyone will go back to my page.

Here is the new look and link to my Facebook page, there is also a picture link on the right side column of my blog that goes straight to my page along with other social medias that I am currently using, please follow. 


Sunday, 15 December 2013

Recent work : Graduation makeup

This makeup look was done for my client who had a graduation dinner to attend to 
that night, she had a beautiful purple floral dress.

I did a soft smokey eye on her with a beautiful muted purple color eye shadow that has a soft gold sheen to it as her main color, and faded everything out with soft brown tone shadows,
and darkened the crease a slight bit, finished the look off with some eyeliner and some mascara.

I paired the look with a light pink blush and a peachy toned lipstick to keep everything nice and soft.

Used products :
Illamasqua skin base foundation
Illamasqua  translucent loose powder
BH cosmetics light pink blush
Canmake shading powder
Clinique fresh bloom peony highlighter 
Whitening Lightening Brow Bar To Go
Boots No.7 Eyeshadow palette
m.a.c soft brown, cork , espresso eyeshadow
Inglot Gel liner #77
Benefit They're Real Mascara
m.a.c nice and spice pro long wear lip pencil
m.a.c modesty lipstick

Hope you enjoyed this post !
Stay tuned for more !
Have Fun