Friday, 14 December 2012

my first youtube video makeup tutorial !~Dramatic Neutral Makeup Tutorial

Hey loves, I am duper super excited to tell you, today I have finally 
uploaded my first ever makeup tutorial video on my channel on Youtube !
Yeahhhh, so go check it out, and thumbs up you guys ! 

So my first look is a dramatic neutral eye makeup look,Its a looks that is very easy to recreate,
you can do it with any color combination you like, make it even more dramatic by adding 
more darker colors to it to make it a super smokey eye, or put some glitter on the top
to give it some extra sparkle for a night out.
Or tone it down by using less black, and blend very well.
Hope you enjoy this makeup look! I had a lot of fun making this video, and I will
surely make more soon !

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

M.A.C Studio Sculpt Concealer NW20 & Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35 NC30

 Hey lovelies, so today I wanna talk about my favorite concealers that I always use,
since my face isn't perfect I do always have a little somethin' somethin' that i gotta conceal !
A little pimple here or there,maybe a stubborn scar or two, I don't have crazy dark circles though
so i usually just cover that up with my foundation.

Left: M.A.C Studio Finish Concealer NC30 with SPF35
Right:M.A.C Studio Sculpt Concealer NW20(I heard apparently its on the goodbye list
so they are gonna discontinue this concealer since the new mineral one came out)

I always have a concealer that is lighter than my skin and one that matches my skin color,
I have NC30 to 35 Skin tone at m.a.c , I use the studio sculpt(NW20) for highlighting areas
like my nose bridge, cheekbones and the under eye area, and the (NC30)
for my scars and pimples or anything else on my face that needs to be concealed

This is my favorite brush to use for concealers, its just a blending brush,any blending brush
will do for me, I love using a blending brush because it buffs out the concealers very nicely
gives you a flawless and smooth effect when a flat brush can cake your concealer up a little bit
at least for me,I just pick up some concealer with my finger and put it on my area
that needs extra coverage(another reason why I don't use a flat brush to do this is because
fingers can help warm up the product and that helps it go on your skin smoother) 

So the studio finish concealer is the fullest coverage concealer that m.a.c carries,
which is great,it can cover lots,It comes in the m.a.c eye shadow pots
which is different,cause the first thing I thought about the packaging was
gee,this thing will dry out in like no time,but it didn't, haha 
 I really like it, It is very smooth, very easy to blend,I have no problems with it
whatsoever! And its got SPF 35,even better for girls like me
who is always under the sun (-___-)" .
The studio sculpt is more of a medium coverage,you can build it up
if you want,but it might cake a bit, it feels lot thicker and heavier, 
a more cream gel paste like concealer comparing to the studio finish concealer
It comes in the paint pot jars,I always save up these jars when I'm done
for de-potting other stuff,like my nyx jumbo eye pencils,
perfect for those(I still cannot find a perfect sharpener for them).
obviously they can both cake up if you put on too much,a little trick
I use is I mix Fix+ with the studio sculpt to make it thinner and easier
to apply,that minimises the chances of caking up
 So yea, I really like them both, and I will always re purchase these two
this is actually my third jar of studio sculpt concealer,
since its rumored that its being discontinued guess I'll just go and try out the pro long wear one
and the mineral one when I'm finished with this one and If i can't get it anymore.

Hope you liked my post today
stay tuned for more !
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Saturday, 1 December 2012

I found my HG Brow Kit ! Brow Bar To Go by WhiteningLightning

Hello lovelies,so every girl always have a bad beauty habit,
and mine is over plucking my eyebrows,I used to have a very thick brow,
very thick but sparse,they stayed looking like that all my life until last year,i started noticing
how my brows look on my face with makeup on,and it just made me look kinda weird
they were so thick they became like an all time focus point on my face,
which i didn't like, so i started shaping them and did some plucking,
and once i did that, i started filling them in and experimenting different
products too, and after trying out so many different things,
gels,gel liners,cream shadows, powders and waxes,I have to say this 
Brow Bar To Go from WhiteningLightning is THE BEST product i have ever came across.

I'm a big fan of Sophia Aka Fashionista804 on YouTube,she's amazing,and one
day she posted a video about teeth whitening, so i went and checked it out
and found out that they made brow products too,
so i purchased the brow kit with the discount code and it only costed me $40
for both the eyebrow kit and a teeth whitening pen that it came with,
which was pretty awesome cause it was $119 with no code,eek.
I'll do a little post about the teeth whitening process
soon when the results are more prominent,so stay tuned for that girls !

It comes with two shades of brown , a nice soft warm coffee brown,
and a light taupe brown, perfect for blending the two colors together,
and great for doing other peoples brows too since
it has a darker and lighter shade. And also the wax, which is great, 
not too sticky or too creamy watery like some horrible brow gels,which leaves
a weird shiny finish that made them brows look like they are always wet.

I love the these two shades, i use them as my eye shadow too,it makes my routine 
so much faster, and the darker shade is great for contouring too!

the shadows are very pigmented and very smooth and fine, i fell in love with this
brow kit straight away when i swatched it, oh my god.I will definitely re purchase this 
kit over and over again and recommend to my friends.

Here i used both shades on my brows, using the lighter shade on the top half of my brows
and the darker on the bottom half,love the way these shadows blend together,
and then i would finish it off by dabbing a little bit of the wax with my finger and 
lightly pat it on my brows so my longer hairs aren't sticking out.

Thats what my brows used to look like when they were just slightly filled with
a light brown shadow, seaweed like huh ?
Haha, I'm much happier with what my brows look like now.

Product:5/5 (It became my hg brow product,whats not to love ?)
Pigmentation :5/5(the two shades are the perfect colors for me)
Texture:5/5(very pigmented,can be used as eyeshadow/contouring color as well)
Longevity:4/5(It lasted through out the day,my oil skin just ruins it a bit sometimes)
Application:5/5(very easy application, i use the brush that it comes with for the wax)

Hope you liked this little post about my brows,
go check out their web site out if your interested,its pretty awesome :> !
stay tuned for more updates about whitening lightning stuff that i will post about soon
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Monday, 12 November 2012

Halloween !

Hey lovelies, so......Halloween post haha, bit late now lol but
being the greatest holiday ever existed,i still want to share what i dressed up as
A fantastic day for everyone in the beauty community too, cause you can go all out loud
with your makeup, costume and just be creative ! Best day to show off your talents and have 
lots of fun !

And this year I'm dressed up as My little Pony's Rainbow dash and a Vampire !
I recreated frmheadtotoe's rainbow dash look, and did my hair into a fauxhawk and sprayed
it with lots of different colors to represent her hair, and wore a cute top and a tutu. Made
myself a pony chain necklace! Thank god i did that, if not everyone would have just thought
i was dressing up as a rainbow haha.

Oh, n its gonna be a photo heavy post ! 


made a badge too, with glitter nail polish,blings, on the card board that
the toys came in , haha.

sprayed my hair with a white color, and then go over it with other colors :)

that stuff on my bottom lash line is actually glitter, if you can't see !
and after the makeup i put on some grey contacts which made it event better

And i did one of my friends makeup, she dressed up as a corpse bride,
it was so much fun

sad brows !

yeay for using glue stick hahaha

love those lashes ! they have glitter beads on it


and then for the next day, i did my makeup with a little bat wing on one side, and a
neutral eye look on the other, also with some light golden brown color contact lenses in :)

don't you just love that goblet ?! It's from typo ! Perfect for Halloween !

there were too many different things i used on my face and my friends
face, so i wont list all of them out
most of the cosmetics i used were sugarpill cosmticis, mac cosmetics and
nars stuff, along with face paint :D

So hope everyone had a fun Halloween !
It was awesome seeing lots of different photos of different
people dressed up in different things,Now i feel like dressing up again,
i want to dress up as a mermaid ! I can't wait for next years Halloween already.


Friday, 2 November 2012

Instagraming !

Follow me on instagram if you haven't ! 
Instagram is where I would be the most active, period !

I've been not in action on this blog for a little while,so I'm back and stepping my game up!
Yeah !I'm in the progress of making my first video tutorial on YouTube ever !
So yeay for that !
lighting is all good, camera set up is good, just haven't figured out the whole editing video thing
yet, but ! I'm working hella hard !
Besides that, Uni, yes uni, it has been stressin me out a little lately, my first year at university
is almost over, and as a first year student, i am completely freaking out about my exams,
so that is another major reason why that has been stopping me from blogging which makes me sad. But the good side is, i'll be on holiday soon for a few long months going home, and 
then i can work on all this so much more, i can put so much more time into this.

so, yea, a little update about my recent life,
but stay tuned !
more posts will come, a major collective haul maybe ? 
not promising anything though haha


The Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hour eyeshadows swatches + photos

 Maybelline color tattoo 24 hour eyeshadows ! I'm sure by now almost any 
people has mentioned and did reviews on them, but i would still like to share it,
and, i didn't buy these here in Australia because they are
 12 dollars each. My friend got it for me in Hong Kong way cheaper
and she got me six of them which is awesome!

I got six of them,         -#15 Audacious Asphalt 
a very elephant like grey color with silver sparkles in it
 -#20 Painted Purple
violet purple with red shimmers

-#30 Pomegranate Punk
a wine red color with lots of sparkles

  -#35 Tough as Taupe
a very nice subtle taupe color, so smooth !

 -#40 Tenacious Teal
teal color  , duh,with very pretty shimmers in it
(swatch photo from, somehow i never took a pic of the swatch of mine woops)

-#50 Edgy Emerald
my second fav, the name explains the color perfectly, which is a 
very gorgeous light teal minty green

I have been use them in every way that i can to try them out, and see
how they work , and last throughout the day
as an eyeliner, a color base, a wash of color all over, for my eyebrows
and this stuff is amazing,very impressive i must say,the staying power is amazing!
 it is totally water proof and smudge proof
i tried to wash the swatches off my arm with water, soap , not a scratch
it doesn't come off unless you use a makeup remover

so this is a look that i did  with just these eyeshadows
no any other products on top, its a bit hard to blend because it sets pretty damn quick
and if you blend it with a blending brush i noticed that the sparkles on the grey goes everywhere and some got my face, but easy fix !

 All these colors stayed on the whole day, didnt crease at all,
didnt even use any eye primer under it, bomb !
I had Audacious Asphalt all over the lid 
 Pomegranate Punk in the crease, omg, my favorite color !
its shimmery but it is awesome when i used it as a brow color with

sugarpill's loveplus on top, my favorite combo, does not smudge at all, crazy huh
and Painted Purple on the lower lashline and winged eyeliner, with 
Blacktrack Fluideline from m.a.c and finished it with some
mascara and falsies from Ardell, the runway lashes wsp, love them !

Pros : 
- Excellent pigmentation and very smooth
-Waterproof & Smudge proof,doesn't crease
-lasts all day,incredible wear time 
-can wear it alone or as a base
-you can use it as eyeliner,eyeshadow,do your brows with it,
use it as a highlight on your cheekbones(eg. the color :too cool)
-A decent amount that will last you for a good long while
-A cheaper alternative for m.a.c paint pot
-Great for people who doesn't have much time to do their makeup in the morning
-Many colors to choose from

-It sets quick you gotta work fast(if your using a brush)
I can't think of any else cons, its good stuff !

so overall love this stuff, they have many colors to choose from,
 totally smudge and water proof, my fav is definitely the red
one, i heard there are more of these coming out
with limited collections and stuff, its gonna be awesome !

If your a person who has lost hope to the cream shadows you've
tried before, not to worry ! These shadows will defiantly not dissapoint you.

hope you liked this post !
go and get some and have fun with it :D