Hi, my name is Juno, I'm 20 years old, from Hong Kong.
I got into makeup a few years ago,  
watching videos on YouTube, looking at different ads of makeup brands
reading books and magazines
and I really wanted to do this kinda stuff,I wanted to learn more, I wanted to know
all the things about beauty. 
I wanted to make a girl feel confident about
themselves, and teach them what I have learned from books and videos and experiences.
So I practiced and practiced, through out the time doing what I love
some of my friends started noticing my work,and they asked if I could do their
makeup for their prom, so that was where it kicked off for me, as a starters,
since then I've been doing free freelance makeup, glam up girls
for their prom, dances, parties and weddings , and I have been
so happy being able to do what I love, I will never stop :)