Saturday, 29 October 2011

Halloween is here ! ♥

So we had a booth at a Halloween Night Market at the pcyc last night
and i've been informed two days before that i was going there
to work so i thought i might dress up a little(i din't have enough time to
go get costumes and stuff ),and i had to wear my work shirt,
so i went to get a fun pink wig :D

everyone looked at me like i was crazy,and i thought
i was the one who was the most dressed up out of all the people there
haha, tho there were customers dressed up as zombies and wore tutus 
didn't get a chance to take any pictures tho, boooooooo

Love using gold on the bottom lash line, one of my fav
bottom lash line colors, and god this pictures make me look like i have super
long lashes hehehe, (most asians have very short lashes ):P

bright gold pink all over the lid with purple on the outter corner
and a deep wine red in the crease(the picture is not showing the red well )
the products used will be listed in the bottom of this post

i was regretting not concealing my black color eyebrows and make them pink
after i left home :(

We had a big drink dispenser, so we decided to put one of our teas in it,
"strawberry patch" tea with rose yummmm, plus some eyeballs - -

clearly someone was having fun with them
(the owners daughter)

our booth for those who dosen't know, i work at a tea shop : rusTicTeas

so i had a walk around the place and found this booth that sells very cute
hand made accessories, i bought 3 pieces, they are soooo cute

Products used :
NYX Jumbo Pencil-Milk
Makeup Forever Eyeshadow-#75
MAC Eyeshadow-Sushi Flower
Urban Decay Eyeshadow-Half Baked
Makeup Forever Eyeshadow-#92
ELF Beauty Book Eye Brights Edition-Wine Red
NYX Eyeshadow-Vanilla Sky
MAC Fluideline-Blacktrack
MAC Eyeshadow-Carbon
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
Loreal Matt Morphose Souffle Foundation-Creamy Natural
MAC Blush- Sincere
MAC Lipstick-Angel
Hope you guys are having great fun this Halloween ;)
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see you in my next post

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Fun Week(Birthday!) + Eotd ♥

Hey guys,
so October is a very popular month for birthdays huh
i have turned 19 a few days ago(18th)
following with a few of friends birthdays
haha, so its been a very fun week,kinda busy too(school stuff)
so, this is what im going to show you guys today, of what ive been up to

first off, my hairrr!! (/-^-\)
i dye my hair regularly every 6 months with this(Jap brand: Liese, bubble hair dye
in milk tea brown personally think one of the best brown colours they have),

and the last i dyed it was 5 months ago,
and i have no idea why my hair has gone this bad
it was all goooood until a couple weeks ago, it started to split badly
i know right ? o.0 its scary ! sigh.
but no worries, im using super damage hair masks and treatments etc
trying to 'heal' it (might talk about it in my next post)
its so terrible, this shows how dry and super damages my hair is o_____o uhhh..

okay, moving on=="
Good news, i have finaly made my sugarpill order,
i know its gonna take a while for it to get here, but i am
sooooo excited already, just looking into the mail box everyday
hoping for the white box with the kitty on it :P,
i ordered both the Burning heart palette and the Sweetheart palette
Royal sugar loose eyeshadow and their stickers.
can't wait!

that was actually one of the 'gift' i bought for myself for my bday,
i know, what an excuse X)
haha, anyhew, i got this iPhone made of chocolate
and it is sooo cute i don't even want to eat it anymore
so im going to show you this too :D

i had to find a picture of it on the Internet cause i didn't want to
open mine and ruin the package ;) its just so cute
everythings eatable including those stickers gotta love my friends

also got these earrings which im totally in love with

Pirate cake :D celebrating my birthday with my host family
and those two pirate heads were rings !
how cute

another cake, was celebrating my birthday with my friends then :)
i love cakes with cream on it swiped all over makes it look very flawless and silky XD
sounds weird but yea :D

my sister got me these lights, i am a total sucker when it comes to room
decors, i love making the room all cute and cosy,thanks so much
for that sis !

i had my friends over, and making sushi was a must! it was soo good

i started off failing with putting too much rice in it, what a fail :P

they all ended up looking very nice tho, haha yummmmm.

so then today was my friends Kelly's birthday, and she wanted me to do her
hair and makeup today as a birthday present for her, well of course,
shes such a sweetie <3 she said she wanted to look good when she go out
tonight to having dinner with her family
(thats a pic with her having a little bit eyeliner on the right eye lol)

she asked me to do her makeup and asked my sister to do her hair

and this was the look i was wearing today :D
i been loving teals greens and pink colors lately

Teal color on the eye lid, a little bit of black on the outer corners

bright pink on the tear duct area, grassy green and navy blue for the lower lash line

Products used :
MAC Paint Pot-Soft Ochre(Base)
ELF Beauty Book Eye Brights Edition -teal color(with fix +)
MAC eyeshadow-Carbon(outer corner)
Makeup Forever Eyeshadow-#75(tear duct area)
ELF Beauty Book Eye Brights Edition -grassy green color(mid lower lash line)
MAC Eyeshadow-Fresh Water(mixed with carbon for the lower outer lash line color)
NYX Eyeshadow-Vanilla Sky(Highlight)
MAC Fluideline-Blacktrack
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
LOreal Matte Morphose Souffle Foundation-Creamy Natural
SkinFood Fresh Fruit Lip&Cheek-Apricot
MAC Blush-Sincere
Translucent Powder
didn't have anything on besides lip balm
Maybelline Baby Lips-Smoothing Cherry

So that was it, hope you enjoyed it, feel free to leave any comments below
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Until next time

Monday, 17 October 2011

Eotd : Bright pink, purple & blue ♥

Hello lovelies,
I'm back today with this look for you guys
very simple look with bright colours just to brighten up your day :D
the pink is actually very bright in real life,as i used makeup forever #75
thanks to my camera it isn't showing up very right, hehe

Products used :
MAC Paint pot-Soft Ochre
Makeup Forever Eyeshadow-#75
Makeup Forever Eyeshadow-#92
MAC Eyeshadow-Fresh water
Revlon Colour Stay Eyeshadow Quad-Coffee Bean(the lightest shade)
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
Loreal Matte Morphose Souflee Foundation-Creamy Natural
Revlon Powder Blush-Blushed
MAC Lusterglass-Love Nectar

Hope you enjoyed this look,
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until next time

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Back from the little break ♥

Hello my lovelies,
yes i haven't updated for almost 3 weeks,
its beacuse i've been away to camping with my homestay family,
just got back and then school started straight away,
so, this look that i'm going to show you today
is a look that i've been wearing the most lately(and actually took pictures of cause i
always forget , hehe). I love this colour combo. :D
oh and i think im going to get some Sugarpill later on this month
i am soooo tempted to get them and can't wait :D

Products used:
NYX HD Shadow primer
NYX Jumbo Pencil-Milk
NYX Loose Pearl Eyeshadow-Yellow Pearl
CoverGirl Eyeshadow Quad-Tropical fusion
Cyber Colours Eyeshadow-Silk
Makeup Forever Eyeshadow-#92
NYX Loose Pealr Eyeshadow-Space
MAC Fluideline-Blacktrack
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
Loreal Matt Morphose Souffle Foundation-Creamy Natural
Wonder Woman Bluch-Mighty Aphrodite
Maybelline VolumeXL Seduction Plumping Lipcolour Lipstick-In The Nude

So that was it , hope you liked it
feel free to leave any comments or questions below
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