Wednesday, 20 June 2012

♥ Bh Cosmetics 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette 2nd Edition-all color swatches and review

so, weeks ago i decided to try out some stuff from Bh cosmetics
since there are so many good comments about their products and i think its always
handy to have a big range of colors with me in one palette. After doing some research on the
differences of the palettes, i know, theres 5 ! woooh, makes it so hard to choose
which one i wanted they all looked really nice,
 but i went for the 2nd edition in the end, it was the one thats got
both brights and also more neutral tones in it,mattes and shimmers.
You can check out xsparkage's 
comparison video on the three palettes here, it helped so much. yeah
Here is the description of the main differences of the palettes on their website

What are the differences between the 5 palettes in the 120 Color Palette Collection?
A: Here are the differences:

*120 Color Palette 1st Edition: This palette has very bright, vibrant colors and carries very little neutral tones.

*120 Color Palette 2nd Edition: This also contains bright and vibrant colors, but approximately twice as many neutral tones as the 1st Edition.

*120 Color Palette 3rd Edition: This edition carries some bright colors, but is primarily neutral based and has a wide range of deep, cool tones perfect for an everyday look or night look.

*120 Color Palette 4th Edition: The 4th Edition contains all shimmer shades, with a mix of bright, neutral and dark shades.

*120 Color Palette 5th Edition: We call this palette our Warm & Natural Palette. It contains many earth-tone colors, as well as soft pinks and purples.

this post will be photo heavy, as i swatched all of the colors,
with flash and no flash

the colors are beautiful, they come in mattes and shimmers,
i wrote down which ones were chunky and didn't have good pigmentation as
i was swatching them last night, took me a while to go through
them ,but a good majority of them had good pigmentation
and some of the colors are ah-mazing !!! I mean
what more you can ask for when its only 20 dollars ?

the pictures of the swatches starts from top palette first,
starting from the right row top to bottom and moving on to each row to the left.
heres an idea of what im doing

top palette

row 1

row 2 

row 3
smoothest matte black i have ever come across !!

 row 4
their purple was not really pigmented

row 5
 the fifth blue is amazing, smooth blue with gold sheen

row 6
the first green is too pretty, tinker bell green and the forth green
is soooo smooth !!

row 7
third blue was chalky, but this row of blues are just so awesome

row 8
 a not so pigmented green, the second one was chalky but neon !
the forth one is so bright and smooth

row 9
 impressive oranges, love the last color !

row 10
the first and the fifth one was chalky, the second one was too light to show on me,
the third one wasn't really pigmented

bottom palette

row 1

row 2

row 3
third one was chalky, last color wasnt really pigmented

row 4
the third color was chalky, but it would be an amazing color if you use it wet
the first color is very sheer,more like an on the top color where
you add it on top of another purple color to give it more sheen and shimma shimma

row 5
first one and the last one didnt show up too well,the fifth one is
so pigmented

row 6
that second color there is the chalkiest green i had ever came across
the first one is amazingly smooth and bright, love it

row 7
the fifth blue, ugh, didnt show up no matter how hard i tried
love the others tho 

row 8
first one is so pretty, very bright and smooth, second one wasn't pigmented
forth one was chalky 

row 9
this is one of the best rows,they were all very pigmented 
i didn't have to rub my finger into it hard,just a light swipe, awesome

row 10
this last row didn't dissapoint me at all too,it has a very nice light gold too

so wow, very photo heavy yea,
i love this palette overall, there were only a few not so pigmented eyeshadows,
but that is totally expected, and i can deal with chalkiness haha,
some of them are soooo incredibly smooth i couldn't believe it,
i would definitely recommend to anyone who loves makeup
specially starters who would love to experiment with colors
you can get this oh the Bh cosmetics website,they always have special offers
and theres the mid-year sale right now! so check them out !
I also picked up a gel liner and a liquid eye liner along with this purchase
which i will talk about in my future posts, so stay tuned :)

Hope you enjoyed reading this post !
Look forward to my next one :D


  1. BH cosmetics is really a great deal. mine's the warm palette!! love it!! :) followed u by the way! hope u can check my blog and follow mine too!!! TC!!

    1. Yes it is :D They always have sales and special offers on their site, thank you Yvette :) I will sure check it out :D

  2. Wow, now that's one kind of a review. Thank you so much for swatching all those colors. <3
    You have now a new follower :)

    1. Thank you very much ! :D That is awesome to know, im glad you liked them and i had fun swatching them too :)xx

  3. Thank you for the review! Thinking bout getting this...

    1. Your very welcome ! :D Yes, get it ! Its great, they have other new editions as well, and they always have good deals on their site, so defs check it out ! :)

  4. i searched on the internet hard and long bt couldnt find anything to tell me the diff in comparison.great post thankyou so heart is set on 1st edition visit my blog too.may b we can follow eachother.

    1. Thank you ! I know xsparkage did a comparison video on the 1st 2nd and 3rd palette , you can check that out on YouTube, hope that will give you more information on the palettes. :D And your blog is awesome !!!:)