Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Leopard print lips (Using Sugarpill Eyeshadows)

I'm always inspired and like to re-create beautiful looks that I see around the internet,specially on Instagram, there are so many many many talented beauty people on there , and I think they all absolutely amazing.
And today I want to share with you a look that a did a couple weeks ago, it is a re-created look from one of the most amazing makeup artist, ChaosMakeupArtist, Megan, she is a self taught full time freelance makeup artist based in Texas and I am a big fan of her work.
She has the most awesome lip work I have ever seen, always flawless. So check her out :D

A while ago she posted a picture of a leopard lip look on her instagram, so I had to try it out, it is no where near to her flawless blended work but here is the end result :) 
Enjoy !

I used Sugarpill Eyeshadows for this look, cause it's the most pigmented and brightest shadows I own. Including both the Burning heart palette and Sweet Heart palette, loose shadow in Royal sugar, and lots of blending action using a few lip brushes.

The gold color, is a gel Liner #95 from Inglot Cosmetics(I have written a post about this gel liner, click here if you'd like to read it)

Yes I wore that lip for the rest of the day, until I ate that is, no eye makeup, just curled my lashes and filled in my eyebrows, since the lip is attracting all the attention you can get.

If you don't own any of those products you can always find alternatives like the 120 eyeshadow palettes or whatever palettes you have and change the colors around and you can still get the same effect.

-Make sure that your lip is smooth and moisturised before applying any products, 
1) I used NYX Jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Milk as a white base all over the lid, 
2) then applied poison plum and royal sugar on the outline of the lips, fading it inwareds leaving the middle part out. 
3) fill in the rest of the lips with two clors, dollipop and after party(I also mixed afterparty with tako and midori so it comes out like a light mint green color) fading the colors outwards. 
4)Go back and forth with all the four colors, blending everything in. 
5) Take a liquid liner or black gel liner(I recommend a felt tip liquid liner) outline the leopard prints. 
6) Fill them in with a gold eyeshadow, use it wet so you get more pigmentation. I used a gold gel liner since I have one.

And that's how I did it.
Hope you liked the post, totally try it out and snap some cool photos,
no harm to try new things once in a while.
Have fun.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Nail of the week. Iron Fist Clothing Inspired Nail Design, Zombie Nails.

I have finally took my acrylics off a couple weeks ago so I have been having short week nails for the past 2 weeks, but no more ! I went and got them done again, this time gold glitter acrylics, cause I am a forever sucker for glitters.

These are my nails now, clear tip with gold and silver glitter

I felt arty farty that day and I wanted to show Iron Fist clothing some love since I'm a big fan, so I did some nail designing on zombie nails.

These are the two products from them that I was looking at while I was doing the design,
so pretty isn't it ?

And like I said before, when you have a nail art pen, ANY nail design is possible. Its so easy, as long as you can draw and am very patient with the drying time that it takes.
All you have to do, is paint on the color underneath and then outline the shapes out with your pen! Nice and neat, easy done !
That is what I have kind of come up with it, but I didn't follow much haha, I just went with the flow

Anyhew, without further ado, lets see home pictures of these bomb nails !

I drew them on some nails, since I have my nails done, I don't want to mess with them yet, but as soon as the ones I have on now start to look ugly, this will definitely go on my fingers.
My Favourite design ever !

Hope you loved it, cause I am obsessed with these.
Try it out and rock them !
Have fun !

Friday, 24 May 2013

Eye make up of the day : Teal colors (Urban Decay Flipside eyeshadow)

Teal colours makes brown eyes pop, its a gorgeous colour and fun for summer time wear.
 I did this look with Sugarpill, Urban decay and mac cosmetics shadows. And the star of this look today is the Urban Decay's Flipside eyeshadow, super gorgeous teal colour,
very true to colour and brilliant pigmentation.

  1. Highlight your brow bone with foxy 
  2. Apply cork in the whole crease area
  3. Use soft brown to fade the crease colour out
    -Applying crease colour first, since we are going to be using a cream colour base all over the lid later on, crease work will be easier if done first.But its just personal preference,do it how you like it if you will.
  4. Apply a colour base to the lid, can be a white base or a teal coloured base
  5. Apply Flipside all over the base leaving the outer 1/3
  6. Put royal sugar on the remaining portion of the lid
  7. Apply bulletproof on the outer corner only
  8. Carefully blend away! -Go back and forth with the colours since the blending takes some of the colour away.
  9. Do the same colour placement for the bottom lash line
  10. Take a white pencil and highlight the inner corners
  11. Go over the inner corner with vanilla eye shadow.
  12. Line the upper lash line, wing it out
  13. Rim the upper and lower waterline
  14. Curl the lashes and apply mascara
    And your done :) !

Products used :

-24 Hour tattoo cream eye shadow Edgy emerald (all over the lid as a base)
Urban decay
-Flipside(All over the lid) 
-Foxy(Browbone highlight) 
-Twice Baked(Outer corner)
Sugarpill Cosmetics
-Royal Sugar Loose Shadow(Outer 1/3 of lid) 
-Bulletproof(Outer V)
m.a.c cosmetics
-Soft Brown(In the crease for color to fade out)
-Cork(heavy in the crease)
-Vanilla(Inner corner highlight)
Inglot Cosmetics
Gel liner #77
White kohl pencil 

Hope you liked the look, go ahead and try it out
have fun !

Friday, 17 May 2013

m.a.c prep and prime skin base visage swatches, photos, review.

Share the love for this little bottle! Its awesome. New favourite face primer !

 I decided to get this primer a few days ago, I've been eyeing out for this product for a little while, wanting to try it out, I have tried it at a counter before ,wore it for the rest of the day and I loved it,so now that I have finally got my hands on this, I can share my thoughts on it with y'all.

m.a.c says this is an ultra-fluid lotion formulated with special-effects silicones. Calms and soothes the skin, bots away excess oil, and evens out skin redness. Improves laydown and application of foundation or powder.

Its 30ML of products for $45AUD, kinda pricey, but It will be worth your money in the long run, for me,since I only used half a pump (YEAY for a pump)and it was already enough to cover my whole face, so I'm sure this will last me for quite a long while.

This primer like most other primers out there that says they create a smooth canvas for you face are silicon based. But I can tell you, It is different to any other silicon based primers I have tried. 
This feels rather different to a normal silicon primer eg,my L'Oreal studio secrets magic perfecting base, which I love but Its too thick and siliconey so I can only put it on the cheeks and chin, anywhere else will break me out. But it still works great to its claims.

A normal silicone based primer is thick and heavy like the one I just mentioned, and this one is much lighter and thinner, which was surprising, and it feels light weight on the skin too. Which I much prefer.

The texture of it, which I am hoping you can see,( It's so hard to show what the texture is like in photos cause Its hard to get a good shot of it.) feels just like a moisturiser, it has very small fine shimmers in it, which was very visible to me when blended out on my hand, but not like an omfg I just picked up a dico ball concentrated in a bottle, but visible when you look close enough.

When I applied it to my face, It wasn't noticable at all, and it actually made my face looking healthy and skin tone was more even too, and radiant but not in an oily way. 
I assume this would look nice on its own too on a day you don't want ftd on your face.

This is what it looks like almost completely blended out on my hand. 

This is what it looks like after completely blending out, I've taken many shots of what it looks like cause I want you to see the shimmers in different angles and lighting.
Like I said, it is shimmery, but in a good way, its not enough to make you look oily but just enough to make you look healthy and radiant. And you won't shimmer like Cullens under thee sun. I can promise you that.

 Today I'm wearing these combos, the pro long wear foundation in NC35 with the primer underneath, and it made my skin look so good!
Normally when I wear pro long wear on its own I start getting a bit shiny after 6 hours, which is pretty good already, but with the primer, it's even longer, I got a couple hours more before I needed to blot my face.Crazy good this is.

This primer lives up to its every single claims, 
-Smooths out your skin makes your foundation glide on and blend out so easily
- Minimises pores (I have visible pores on my cheeks and this worked well for that purpose)
-Keeps your face oil free for a long time (trust me, cause I'm an oil beast)
-Takes away redness (I don't have redness on my face, but just a bit around my nose, and it did took it away too)
-Extends the wearing of your foundation, which is awesome.
-Great for everyday wear, on its own, underneath your powder or liquid foundation

I didn't take a picture of what It looks like on my face, but this is what it looks like with the pro long wear foundation on top.(I'll put on more pictures on this post soon with what it looks like on my face)

Overall, love love love, great primer to have in your stash, highly recommend you all to try it out if your looking for a primer,you won't regret it, don't miss out.

Have fun

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner : Black, Taupe, Bronze, Bright Blue, Green. Review & Swatches

So, as you might have noticed the recent new hype in the beauty world are these eyeliners that was recently launched from Rimmel London. The Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl eyeliners,
and I was curious and wanted to check them out and see how is it worth all this raving.

And luckily  I have found them available at Big Ws, which is rare, cause when drug store brands launch something new, they always take months to show up in Australia, which is something I never understood why. 

But anyhew, I picked up all the shades available  besides one, which is the black with sparkles, but I have a feeling I'll go back and get it soon. Cause these are absolutely  amazing ! I got them while they were on sale, for 5 dollars each($10 originally), cha ching right there $$.

The down sides is, there were only six shades, and the NUDE one isn't there :(
I wish I could get all of them.

They are so out of what I expected, I saw them and thought, oh this is just gonna be like the cover girl ones, but oh my god, no. These are fabulous, I tried all of them, and they totally live up to the descriptions and all the raves about them.

Completely waterproof, lasts all day, no matter which color they all stayed on my waterline, no transferring or smudging at all. 

Gorgeous Cosmetics ilink carbon gel eye liner was my everyday
staple to waterlining before, it has now been replaced by these. They have the same black pigmentation, the blackest I can find out there (besides Inglot #77) And It is such a great buy comparing this for $5 to $29... I think I'm going to stock more of these, oh lord. 

This is so intense, its just like Inglot #77, glides on like cream and sets very quickly,
stays on the waterline the whole day, I counted mine, it stayed on for 6 to 7 hours, very impressed indeed.

See the comparisons? Top to bottom:Gorgeous Cosmetics, M.A.C Engraved, 
Covergirl, Rimmel
This is as black as the Inglot gel liner that we all love.

I very nice typical taupe color, great for very light skin toned girls who wants a little bit of liner on their lash line to give a more lashed effect. I love this on a day I don't want too much on my eyes, just this and mascara does the trick. love love !

Bright Blue
Okay, this is a bright cobalt blue, and it is not like any other shitty drug store blue liner that fades away, or needs layers to have the right color pay off. This is INTENSE!
It is so pigmented, glides on just like the others and stays opaque all day, does not fade.

Finally, a green liner that isn't shimmery or too dark you cannot tell its green. I can put this on my waterline, and it enhances by brown eyes very nicely. Its a matte green with very small shimmer particles in it. So its kinda shimmery but not at the same time.

This is such a beautiful bronze shade, I love it, my favourite bronze pencil out of the bunch I have every used. It's beautiful ! So pretty with gold shimmers in it, and the shimmers don't fade away through out the day.

My favourites are bronze and bright blue. Very impressed with these liners.
I feel like they have replaced all my everyday staple liners, at least for now, I will be using them daily.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post about these amazing eyeliners, 
I most definitely recommend you to go get these!! You will fall in love!
You can tell how much I love these.
Have fun!

L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Infinite Length Effect Fibres Waterproof Mascara Review, Pictures! Mile long lashes!

L'Oreal has came out with another new mascara, I know , they have like so many already, all under the names telescopic, gets a little bit confusing over time, telescopic explosion, telescopic false lash, telescopic Asian version , telescopic weird spiky wand version, telescopic this, telescopic that.

Although the names of it are bit all over the place, but I have tried a few of them(all waterproof versions, cause non waterproof ones just doesn't hold my curls, shame on Asian lashes, hehe),but besides the spiky ball one I didn't really like, the others were all pretty damn good.

The latest one that I got, which is the L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Infinite Length Effect Fibres Waterproof Mascara (geez, can the name be any longer?)

This one, almost gave me a heart attack retailing at $AUD25 *GASPS*, (I always buy drug store products when I'm in Hong Kong cause Its so much cheaper)
Soooo pricey. But hey, I like it.

This mascara comes with a plastic want, very soft and flexible, the brush head is also plastic and somehow bright blue , it's not a fibre brush, I repeat ,not a fibre brush. 

Its a flat-ish head, like a straight spoon, a straight spoon with spikes on the sides,
so the middle has mascara in it, literally, like a pool of product, and the spikes,
will have a little, so I guess the idea was put that flat side against your lashes then brush it upwards with the spiky side. If you don't it will clump....but duh~
Yea...kinda weird. But you'll know what I mean when you see the picture of the brush head.

Apart from the weird brush head. It actually does a really really good job at lengthening, it made my lashes look so so long, I was surprised. Oh lord, did this thing 
just became my new favourite ? Yes indeed Juns.

One layer looked like how my lashes look liked with 3 layers already with my normal mascara(maybelline the flasies )
2 Layers,made my lashes look soooooo long !! 
I'm very impressed. And it didn't smudge or flake off during the day, after an 8 hour long wear it was still looking okay.

So I definitely recommend you get this, if you can get it cheap, its really awesome.
So, hope you found this post helpful :>
Have fun !

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

BEST Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 DUPE ever !! Chi Chi Glamorous Eyeshadow Collection, Nude palette.

I was browsing in Myer the other day and something at ChiChi cosmetics caught my eye, 
They came out with a new collection called the Glamorous Eyeshadow Collection with three new 12 eyeshadow palettes, brights, nudes and bronzes.(There are more palettes now too)
And I thought the nude palette looked exactly the same to the UD naked  palette 1,
I didn't buy it cause I already have the UD one, but I took some pictures and swatched in on my hands, and I knew, Dupe found !
So I thought I'd share with you guys.

The pigmentations were great, shadows were smooth, I'm impressed
and the way the eyeshadows were placed in the palette
were also exactly the same as the UD one, like an exact color/dupe of each eyeshadow.

This palette would be a perfect dupe for $23, and also a cheaper buy for all you guys out there who don't want to pay $50 for the UD one, even though its still a good deal.

The product discription :Chi Chi's collection of velvety soft, highly pigmented eye shadows are easily blended to create individual looks. They may be worn sheer or dramatic, wet or dry to reflect your mood or desire.

I also tried the other two palettes that were on display, and they weren't bad too !
So here you go ! Something new to look at, great dupe found ! Yeay!

Have fun !