Thursday, 30 June 2011

Tag : My Makeup Story ♥

Hey girls,yea i haven't been updating much lately
cause Ive been getting ready to go back home, so yes
 I'm in  Hong Kong now, having a 3 week holiday,haha
anyway, I'm going to do this fun tag today, my makeup story
okey, here we go.
oh and the things i say here is in my own
personal opinion, so if something is not right to you,
don't get mad or offended :P

1. How old were you when you started wearing makeup?
Well,lets say it this way, when i first started wearing
makeup was because of my dancing performances
when i was in grade 7 i think,
cause it was always the red lip and horrible bright eye shadows,pale faces.ew
and it was done by the 'moms'.so I didn't like any of it back then
 But when i really started to wear
makeup, was in grade 10. That is when i was
curious about all the beauty stuff and realizing that
how good makeup can be done.

2.How did you get into makeup?
I was starting to watch a lot of beauty videos on YouTube
(i think i started with xsparkage haha love her),
 and i got really into it,
so i thought i wanted to do it like how those awesome ppl can
and i just loved it and i was totally obsessed with it.

3.What are some of your favourite brands?
There are a couple brands I'm loving lately
-M.A.C(All time)
-Inglot(Love their eye shadows)

4.What dose makeup mean to you?
I think it is a way that i express
my form of art,
and it is what i love to do.
And that is what my career is going to be too.

5.If you could only wear 4 products in your face what would it be ?
-Garnier Roll-on under eye concealer



6.What is your favourite thing about makeup?
My favourite thing about makeup is that it is
a way to enhance your natural beauty, and you can experiment with it
do anything your want with it and there are no rules with that :D

7.What do you think of drug store makeup vs. high end makeup?
I think they are similar in a way or whatnot,
to me, some drug store brands has really good quality eyeshadows,lippies
some dont', and that applies to high end makeup too in my experience.
Some brand stands out more, you know :P and you really have to
try it yourself, cause everything works on different people
differently, so yea.

8.What is one tip of advise you would give to a beginner?
I would say, girl when you start to wear makeup, less is more 
don't cake on everything, specially face products like your foundation
it can make you look horrible and it might break you out too
so no no. I have seen a lot of girls doing that.
And. Always make sure your fdt matches your skin tone and BLEND it so you don't
look too pale or orangy or having your face and your neck a different color
. cause Its not cute ;) Ive seen too many girls at my school doing that.

9.What is one makeup trend you never understood?
Um. I don't really have a trend that i never understood, but
there are some trends i would not wear, if we say it this way ;)
Bright crazy colour lipstick, like neon colours, i like the way it looks on other
people, but it just doesn't suit me well. :)

10.What do you think about the beauty community on YouTube?
I think its awesome, and the community is getting bigger and bigger, more and more people
are getting inspired by beauty gurus,and people learn so much out of their
videos, i learned a lot too, its very cool to have something like this. :)

So that was my little makeup story :)
Hope you enjoyed it, feel free to leave any comments below
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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Eotd : Bright yellow and Blue ♥

Hey, so im back in Hong Kong for a 3 week holiday,
and god the weather, ahh, its horrible, that heat D:
anyway, today im going to show you
my eotd, nothing special, i just looove
playing with different colours. so here it is . :)

Products used :-
Eyes :
NYX HD Eyeshadow primer
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Yellow
NYX Loose Pearl shadow in Yellow pearl
NYX Loose Pearl shadow in Baby blue pearl
NYX Loose Pearl shadow in Space Pearl
MAC Eyeshadow in Freshwater
MAC Eyeshadow in carbon
BYS Eyeshadow in #504
Covergirl liquilineblast in black fire, blue boom
Maybelline Line Stiletto
Maybelline Falsies mascara
Face :
MAC Blush in sincere
Rimmel Lipstick in Birthday Suit

oh and i picked up a mac paint pot while i was in Brisbane airport,
so thought i'd show you guys anyway,
i know most of you must know this one really well,i mean duh :D
its MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot

I love the colour, its very pretty, a peachy with gold tone to it
i can wear this just plain on my lids as an
everyday colour, specialy if im in a rush ahaha
just swipe some on the lid, add a little bit of liner and mascara
and im done with the eyes,so yea i really like it
, i've been wanting this one since forever - -
i know you can get it almost wherever mac counter you go
, but the mac counters in Hong Kong, they just never have paint pots
in stock o.0 weird right.

Anyway, so that was my eotd
hope you guys liked it.
Feel free to leave any comments below
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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Review ! ♥ CoverGirl Liquilineblast

Hey girls, havent been updating lately cause i had exams
and stuff last week, so yea i was pretty busy
but its all good now, cause holidays just started woohoo
So i was at target and i saw this liner,
and i swatched Blue Boom and Green Glow
i fell in loveee, and i got Blue Boom for 12 dollars.

Blue Boom

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Eotd : Black Gold Smokey Eyes ♥

Hello there
im back showing you this look today
its a smokey look, using blacks browns and some
gold on top of it, so here goz :D

Products Used :
MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre
BYS Eyeshadow in #511
BYS Eyeshadow in #515
BYS Eyeshadow in #504
NARS Eyeshadow in Night Breed
Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Half Baked
Max Factor Kohl Pencil in Black
MAC Fluideline in Blacktrack
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
NYX Eyebrow pencil in Light Brown
The Face Shop Eyebrow powder duo in #01
Face of Australia Blush in Terra
Viva Glam Gaga II Lipstick
Barry M Glossy Tube
So that was the look
Hope you guys liked it
feel free to leave any comments and questions below
check out my FB page
and ill see you guys later

Sunday, 12 June 2011

♥ Eotd : Sunset Eyes+ Little Haul &Review

Hey girls, i didn't know what look to do today,
but i wanted to do somthing with bright colours,
so i did this sunset eyes,
i did this look using yellows,oranges,and reds, with a little bit of
purple and blue :P. bronzer and a nude lipstick
so here goz

Products Used :
MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre
NYX JumboPencil in Yellow
NYX Loose Shadow in Yellow Pearl
NYX Loose Shadow in Orange Zest
Danni Palette Eyeshadow in Red
MAC Eyeshadow in Parfait Amour
MAC Technakohl Liner in Smooth Blue
MAC Fluideline in BlackTrack
Maybelline Line Stiletto Liquid Liner in Blackest Black
MAC Eyeshadow in Carbon
NYX JumboPencil in Milk
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer in NW20
L'OREAL Matte Morphose Souffle Foundation in Beige Natural
MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC35
Face of Australia Blush in Terra
Australis Ready Set Go Translucent Powder
Revlon Matt Eyeshadow in Rich Sable
Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick II
Viva Glam Gaga Lipglass II

  1. Prime your eyes/use an eyeshadow base
  2. using a yellow shadow base all over the lid,blend blend blend
  3. put a yellow shadow on your inner third of your lid
  4. put an orange colour onto the middle of your lids,fade it into the yellow
  5. taking a red shadow put this into your crease and blend all the colours together
    dont over do it ! feel free to put more colours on it if the blending has taken away
    the colours
  6. using a purple shadow create and outter v, then blend it into the red so its
    not too harsh
  7. pull the purple down onto your lower lshline
  8. line you lower waterline with a blue pencil
  9. line a thin line on your upperlash line (you cant see the colours if its too thick)
    and rim you upper waterline
  10. using a white pencil highlight your brow bone and your inner corners
  11. Go over the black liner with a shadow to set it
  12. Apply your favourite mascara
  13. using a bronzer, contour your face(or you can just use a blush, its optional)
  14. Apply a nude lipstick, anything too bright will tone the eyes down,and
    you don't want that
  15. so then your done !


so i was very curious about this eye roller from Granier
since it is getting very popular,i don't have puffy under eye bags
but i have purple blue pigmentation undereye, 
 and the 8 hour sleep everyday did reduce it a little bit
and i ran out of eyecream,so thought id try this one out :D

Granier Anti-dark Circles Roll-on. Fair to medium skin

I got this in the lightest shade they had ,for fair to medium skin,
they had a darker one too,it got this at Big W's
you can also get this in price line i think (not sure about that), target has them
so it was on sale, for AUD$13 (originally 18 something).
It felt really nice when rolled on to your undereyes
the steel ball on it was very cool,it spplied on very smoothly,
and it gives me good coverage,i heard some people found the coverage
not quite enough for them, but works well for me, i am lovin it so far :D

BYS Custom Eyeshadows
#504, #515

#515, # 504

Yes i love those eyeshadows, and there were a few
that was out of stock last time i went,
so i went back and check it out today, i was hoping for
some very cool pinks and greens but they still didnt have it :(
im really into bright colours lately
but i ended up picking up these two neutral toned shadows.
They were 2 dollars each,i know is cheap, but
these are actually good quality eyeshadows :)

So that was my Eotd and my little haul & review today
Hope you guys liked it,
please feel free to leave any comments or questions below,
 like my FB Page :)
And ill talk to you guys soon

Oh and for my Hong Kong lovelies, i will surely post this on discuss
with chinese , so stay tuned :)

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Eotd : Smokey Olive Plum Look ♥

Heeey Lovelies,
so im back today with this smokey look,very simple
its mainly olive colours with a little bit of plum pruple on the lower lashline
very wearable for any day,you can certainly add more darker
colours to it to make more smokey if you like

Products used :
NYX HD Primer
NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk
BYS Eyeshadow #215
BYS Eyeshadow #807
BYS Eyeshadow #815
NARS Eyeshadow in Night Breed
NYX Eyeshadow in Vanilla Sky
Maybelline Line Stiletto Liquid Liner in Blackest Black
MAC Fluideline Blacktrack
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
Revlon Matte Eyeshadow in Rish Sable
MAC StudioSculpt concealer in NW20
L'OREAL Matte Morphose Souffle Foundation
Face of Australia Blush in Terra
Australis Ready Set Go Translucent Powder
Rimmel Lipstick in Birthday Suit

  1. Prime your eyes with your favourtie primer
  2. using NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk put it all over the lid,bland it out
  3. using a olive colour(BYS #215) pat it onto half of your lids
  4. using a darker green colour(BYS #807) put it into your crease to give more
    depth to your eyes
  5. add a very little bit of black (NARS Night Breed) to create an outter v
  6. put a plum colour(BYS #815) onto your lower lash line
  7. line you upper lashline with a liquid liner(maybelline line stiletto), make a thin line so you can still see
    the colours when u open your eyes
  8. line you waterline (MAC fluideline Blacktrack)
  9. curl your lashes
  10. apply your favourite mascara and blush
  11. a nude lipstick
  12. your finished ! :)

Peekaboo!haha,just wanted to show you me wearing awesome glasses
Going to get some contacts soon,so excited :D

Anyway, so that was my smokey olive plum look
Hope you guys liked it,
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and i'll talk to you on my next post

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Haul & Review : BYS Eyeshadow + Enaj Handmade Soaps ♥

Hey Lovelies,im gonna do a little haul and review
today on these products that i got over the last few days,
so here goz :)

BYS Custom colours
I got five of them,they didnt have the colours i wanted,
most of them were out of stock, so guess il have to wait :F 
so they were 2 dollars each
and they come in a little box in the little pan like that
they have magnetized bases, slightly smaller than the MAC ones
same thickness tho,you can also get their eyeshadow cases,
they have the 8 ones or 4, you can go chech it out here BYS Eyeshadows

This one is a very pretty plum purple with pink and red shimmer in it,
and it is very pigmented, love it, textures really silky and fine too.
thumbs up for this one (not all of them were good when i swatched it at the shop,
some colours couldnt even show up on my hand D: )

a dark dirty grassy green with gold chimmer,
this one really reminded me one of the MAC eyeshadow called
Sumptuous Olive, it looks the same in the pan, but it isnt as gold
as the mac one, and more on the brown side with gold shimmer to it.

My favourite one out of the five,a very gorgeous light grassy green
with gold shimmer in it.

a very very shimmery peach toned nude eyeshadow, great for everyday use

A peachy eyeshadow with a little bit shimmer in it,
nothing special :D

#511 top #505 bottom

#215 #807 #815 (Top to bottom)

Enaj Handmade soaps, they make soy wax candles as well,
they were selling it for 5 dollars each, i got 4 for $15 which is nice
check them out here Enaj Soaps

This one has a very summery scent to it,
its a smell of fruits and flowers,love it,
love the glitter on it too, makes it look so pretty

Honey & Oatmeal
when i saw this one i thought oatmeal, im going to try this
since it smells so nice and
it has real oatmeal on the top :D
this one has a very strong scent of honey and some
floral undertnes, can't really smell the oatmeal when its dry
when once its wet, you can smell it. yummy :D 

Lavender Fields
well, yall  know what lavender smells like :D
i love the smell of this soap,very strong smell , but not overally done
very calming and relaxing, i love how its got real lavender on top,
so cute

Relax me
This one has the ocean scent in it, a little minty
but not too much, i normaly dont like minty scent soaps
but this one is lovely, it also has this little hint of smell
 bit like one of the johnson babys bodywash.

Overall, love these soaps, cant wait to go get some more of them,
and might try out the candles they make too.

So that was my haul and review for today,
hope you guys enjoyed it,feel free
to leave me any questions or comments below,
check out my FB Page too