Thursday, 16 May 2013

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner : Black, Taupe, Bronze, Bright Blue, Green. Review & Swatches

So, as you might have noticed the recent new hype in the beauty world are these eyeliners that was recently launched from Rimmel London. The Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl eyeliners,
and I was curious and wanted to check them out and see how is it worth all this raving.

And luckily  I have found them available at Big Ws, which is rare, cause when drug store brands launch something new, they always take months to show up in Australia, which is something I never understood why. 

But anyhew, I picked up all the shades available  besides one, which is the black with sparkles, but I have a feeling I'll go back and get it soon. Cause these are absolutely  amazing ! I got them while they were on sale, for 5 dollars each($10 originally), cha ching right there $$.

The down sides is, there were only six shades, and the NUDE one isn't there :(
I wish I could get all of them.

They are so out of what I expected, I saw them and thought, oh this is just gonna be like the cover girl ones, but oh my god, no. These are fabulous, I tried all of them, and they totally live up to the descriptions and all the raves about them.

Completely waterproof, lasts all day, no matter which color they all stayed on my waterline, no transferring or smudging at all. 

Gorgeous Cosmetics ilink carbon gel eye liner was my everyday
staple to waterlining before, it has now been replaced by these. They have the same black pigmentation, the blackest I can find out there (besides Inglot #77) And It is such a great buy comparing this for $5 to $29... I think I'm going to stock more of these, oh lord. 

This is so intense, its just like Inglot #77, glides on like cream and sets very quickly,
stays on the waterline the whole day, I counted mine, it stayed on for 6 to 7 hours, very impressed indeed.

See the comparisons? Top to bottom:Gorgeous Cosmetics, M.A.C Engraved, 
Covergirl, Rimmel
This is as black as the Inglot gel liner that we all love.

I very nice typical taupe color, great for very light skin toned girls who wants a little bit of liner on their lash line to give a more lashed effect. I love this on a day I don't want too much on my eyes, just this and mascara does the trick. love love !

Bright Blue
Okay, this is a bright cobalt blue, and it is not like any other shitty drug store blue liner that fades away, or needs layers to have the right color pay off. This is INTENSE!
It is so pigmented, glides on just like the others and stays opaque all day, does not fade.

Finally, a green liner that isn't shimmery or too dark you cannot tell its green. I can put this on my waterline, and it enhances by brown eyes very nicely. Its a matte green with very small shimmer particles in it. So its kinda shimmery but not at the same time.

This is such a beautiful bronze shade, I love it, my favourite bronze pencil out of the bunch I have every used. It's beautiful ! So pretty with gold shimmers in it, and the shimmers don't fade away through out the day.

My favourites are bronze and bright blue. Very impressed with these liners.
I feel like they have replaced all my everyday staple liners, at least for now, I will be using them daily.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post about these amazing eyeliners, 
I most definitely recommend you to go get these!! You will fall in love!
You can tell how much I love these.
Have fun!

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