Tuesday, 4 June 2013

BH cosmetics 28 Color Neutral Eye Shadow Palette, Swatches & Pictures

So, If you have read my last post about BH Cosmetics's 12 piece pink brush set,
you would know that I splurged a little on their site and got some goodies.
Today I'm gonna show you the impressive 28 neutral palette. I have fallen in love with it the minute I swatched them on my arm. 

They are as good as the high end brands, some of them are just like a dupe.
It is so pigmented, most of the colors, I have only swiped once and it has already have the color payoff exactly like what it looks like in the pan.

First thing, I loooove how they changed the packaging of the palette, 
it looks so much cleaner and pro
and neat, I really hope they would do it to all their other palettes if they can. Love that.

This is the white color on the left hand bottom corner, I tried my best to capture the colors of it, but I don't think it's showing you what I wanna say here. It's a DUO CHROME !!
A very pretty white with light green duo chrome in it, reminds me a lot of Sugarpill's
Lumi eye shadow, it is absolutely gorgeous, and it is very pigmented too !

So here are all 28 eye shadows, it goes light from left to dark on the right, every neutral color you will every need.
I swatched them from the top to bottom in 4 rows, the second row might not be too visible to you, but I promise you its very pigmented, its just my dark skin tone thats making it a bit hard to see. I'm a NC35 btw.

Row 1

Row 2

Row 3 

Row 4

I looove this palette, totally ditched my Urban Decay Naked Palettes for a week just to play with this palette. Totally worth your money, so go check it out :)

Love love love

BH Cosmetics 12 piece Pink Brush Set, Photos

I got one of the BH cosmetics steal a couple weeks ago, and this was a part of the offer,
It was a steal for 25 dollars including this brush set, the awesome 28 neutral eyeshadow palette

The concealer palette was what I was looking for, but the steal was really worth the money,
so I gave in and got all three. The palettes themselves are all between the prices of 17-19
when it's not on sale, you for 25 dollars you really get a lot.

The bag is really cute, a pink fake snake skin bag with 12 slots in there holding all the brushes.

I like how they have the actual brand name in there making it not looking like it's just something I got off from ebay. Which by the way there are lots of products like this on all the online shopping websites.

Here are the 12 slots, all in different sizes for your brushes, I don't mind these type of bags at all, they really come in handy when you need to go somewhere with your essentials,
you can stick all the brushes you need in there, putting eyeliners or anything skinny in there too if you have any space left.

In this brush set, you get 12 brushes, 3 face brushes, and the rest are all eye brushes.

The three face brushes are a fan brush, blush brush and a powder brush.

The rest includes a dual sided brow and lash, a spoolie(I always think these two things never count as a brush, cause you can always get disposable ones and these are just like that but attached to a handle.) Skinny eyeliner brush, fine eyeliner brush, angled eyeliner brush,
flat eyeliner brush, smudge brush,small eyeshadow brush and a normal sized eyeshadow brush.

The brush hairs are very fine and soft, white bristles with pink at the tip, not as dense as I would like them to be, but I really can't ask for more at this price, right ?
But they aren't bad at all, great for beginners actually.

Cute pink handles with their brand printed silver in the middle.Some of the pink paint job on the handles are a bit crappy, at the ends.Some of the pink looked like it was smudged off while it was still wet.

Overall, with minor dislikes I don't mind these at all, not bad but not great, I still like them,
great price, great value, doesn't poke your face. 
I would recommend this for makeup beginners,easy to work with.

More posts about the other palettes coming soon !

Love love love