Sunday, 14 August 2011

Eotd : Pinky Smokes ♥

Weekends, yawn  .got up at 5am today to get all the things
ready to go at the markets, i was there helping my friends out with their
tea business ,early in the morning,but i enjoyed it 
since i only had a little time this morning(cause i was too lazy
to get outta bed, ending up with less time to get ready hah)
so i just did a smokey eye with a vibrant pink colour
like this mac face chart has but a toned down version :D
okay enough me talking :D

the pink should be much more vibrant but its not showing up
so , its more like a bubble gum pink.

nails of today :D
shouldn't really be doing my nails
cause its just a two day break
but i couldn't resist

Elmo cookie :D its SO good :)

our little tea shop :D

My Tea T :)

so that was my little eotd hope you enjoyed :)
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