Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Red ♥

Hello girls :)
a little look for you today, i did this look last week but
i didnt have time to post it on here, i dyed my hair bright red a few days before that
so i wanted to do a look thats surrounding all reds :)
red lip too ! something that i dont do that often :)
and, excuse the quality of the pictures cause they were all taken by
my little phone :>

I used sushi flower to blend all the dark purple out all the way to my temples and down to
the cheeks and then adding Sugarpill's Dollipop as a very strong blush color, kinda link it
all the way down :)
all the way (and dollipop left me a little stain there now hehe, but it will come off soon)
heres a better picture of that crazy blush :)
this is before i started blending dollipop onto my face 
Then i added some tears using NAR's NightBreed eye shadow, its such
a beautiful black color with so much sparkles in it,
but my phone couldn't capture that, boohooo.
i just simply dipped my brush into the shadow, pick up a fair amount
and then spray 4 to 5 squirts of fix plus on it and wait till it  drips off my brush
and put it on my bottom lash line before it drips off haha 

for the lips i used the brush and applied foundation over it so it would make
it pale and then drew a little red heart on it with a red lipstick
i filled the whole thing in, in the end, i thought red lips looked better than the heart
but here the pic for it 

I had fun taking the makeup off too, haha, the lashes were a little
bit stuck to my real ones , took me so long to get it off 
heres me without the wig and red lip

i love these lashes, got them in Hong Kong, some Korean brand for a dollar
they are so pretty, i can just wear them on a normal day. should have picked
some more up damn it :D

Products Used :
NYX Brown Pencil-Light Brown
m.a.c Paint Pot-Soft Ocher
Sugarpill Eyeshadow -Tako, Dollipop,Love +, Poison Plum
m.a.c Eyeshadow-Carbon 
m.a.c Eyeshadow-Sushi Flower
m.a.c Fluideline-Blacktrack 
Korean Brand Lashes
m.a.c Pro Long Wear Foundation-NC35
Sugarpill Eyeshadow-Dollipop
Revlon Colorburst Lipstick-#040 Soft Rose
Barry M Glossy Tubes LipGloss-Red
Pink Wig from a craft store :D

so that was my little fun look of the week
hope you liked it, have fun, try to do something different
theres another few post coming be up soon
one featuring iamhakme's little gift i got from her giveaway
from Hong Kong (awesome she is :D )
and a little haul :)
so stay tuned !! oh and some updates about my hair

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