Monday, 9 September 2013

Recent Work : A Make Over, Nautral Enhancement on Male

This is the sort of look I would go for when I am to do make up for a guy, 
the few things to always do is 
-Apply a pore filler / primer  
-Always even out skin tone 
- Conceal all redness. 

So what I have done today, is just a make over to demonstrate my ability of doing what I love and What I can do. And it is always to best to show what your flexibilities are. Like m.a.c says, 
All sexes, all ages and all races.

Basically, it's just enhancing what it is already there in an embracing manner, less is more. But depending on the situations and what is it for, it can be done differently. For instance, todays look is just a natural look, but the photos are taken with super bright flash photography, therefore I did the make up a little bit heavier than I would because flashes will wash out the colors of the face. 
The aim is to perfect the skin, normally I would just do step one to eight, but today I have decided to do a little bit more with the eyes , which is step eight to the end. Because I can. But if your doing it, you may gladly skip this part..

Guys are just as the same as us, they also have uneven skin tones, redness, acne scars and different textures to their skin all I have done is reduced some of this and enhance some of that, nothing too dramatic. Nothing Adam Lambert here, don't freak out.

For your information, before you scroll down to all the photos, this is my friend who has very kindly and nicely said yes to letting me paint all over his face and does not mind, don't bash if you don't like it. Appreciate what a person can do and can not do.

As you can see, he has light skin with redness on the cheeks, and some break outs here and there and a few fine lines. So here is what I have done in detail.
  1. Always start with applying moisturiser to the entire face, blend out and let it dry, this brings moisture back to the skin after washing the face. I used a mattifying gel moisturiser.
  2. Apply a primer or pore filler only on areas that has large pores like the cheek area, nose and t zone. This will help minimize the look of enlarged pores, specially where they usually shave.
  3. Apply a color correcting concealer on the under eyes area to correct any dark circles, salmon colors will correct any blue and purpleness .
  4. Apply foundation with a damp sponge in a patting motion, I chose a yellow based foundation with medium coverage, this mainly helps to take away the redness on his cheeks. Using a damp sponge will help spreading the foundation more evenly and not having it absorbing the foundation all up.
  5. Using a concealer of the same color, spot conceal areas that needs more coverage like acne scars.
  6. Apply a shading powder to the outer perimeter of the face, also contouring.
  7. Set everything with a powder, translucent powder is not used here because it will cause a white cast in flash photography and make him look ghostly 
  8. Fill in the eye brows sparse areas only, with a very light hand because his brows are very dense already, the purpose of this is just to shape them.
  9. Apply the same shade of shading powder on the eyelid area with a light hand, this is just to enhance the depth of the eyes. And a light matte beige colors just to highlight the brow bone.
  10. Taking a dark matte brown, smudge it along the top lash liner and bottom lash line to enhance the fullness of the lashes
  11. Line the top waterline with a black gel liner using a small eye brush
  12. Curl the lashes if necessary  this will help opening the eyes more and not having the lashes covering the eyes.
  13. Because he has naturally super long and full lashes, mascara was not needed.

Done ! 

Products used : 
Body shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream
Benifit Porefessional 
BH Cosmetics Concealer Palette
Illamasqua Skin Bae Foundation in shade 8.5
m.a.c studio finish concealer nc35
canmake shading powder in #3
Whitening Lightning Brow Bar To Go
Revlon Matte Eyeshadow in Rich Sable & Peach Sorbet
Inglot Gel liner in #77
..And lots of brushes

Hope you liked  this post !
Have fun 


  1. The makeup does the difference !