Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Page names that you will be forever stuck with. But thank god I could change it!

So a few weeks ago, I have finally decided that I wanted to change my page name, I felt like that my old page name, which was "SweetGlittter", was too hard for anyone to remember, since I now have my own little freelance business in my town, and this name does not just represent my bIog anymore, I have found it very hard to explain when I hand my business cards to people, same thing happens when I try to introduce my blog or Facebook page or YouTube channel to people.  It just sounded more like a candy selling business than anything that is beauty or makeup related.

So I have came up with "Jun Beauty" as my new page name, It is very "cliche" and typical, I know, but it does make it much easier for anyone to remember.

I have also erased my old Facebook page and created a new one, because Facebook wouldn't let me change my name without a good ''proof'' of documents.
Hopefully everyone will go back to my page.

Here is the new look and link to my Facebook page, there is also a picture link on the right side column of my blog that goes straight to my page along with other social medias that I am currently using, please follow. 


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