Thursday, 30 June 2011

Tag : My Makeup Story ♥

Hey girls,yea i haven't been updating much lately
cause Ive been getting ready to go back home, so yes
 I'm in  Hong Kong now, having a 3 week holiday,haha
anyway, I'm going to do this fun tag today, my makeup story
okey, here we go.
oh and the things i say here is in my own
personal opinion, so if something is not right to you,
don't get mad or offended :P

1. How old were you when you started wearing makeup?
Well,lets say it this way, when i first started wearing
makeup was because of my dancing performances
when i was in grade 7 i think,
cause it was always the red lip and horrible bright eye shadows,pale faces.ew
and it was done by the 'moms'.so I didn't like any of it back then
 But when i really started to wear
makeup, was in grade 10. That is when i was
curious about all the beauty stuff and realizing that
how good makeup can be done.

2.How did you get into makeup?
I was starting to watch a lot of beauty videos on YouTube
(i think i started with xsparkage haha love her),
 and i got really into it,
so i thought i wanted to do it like how those awesome ppl can
and i just loved it and i was totally obsessed with it.

3.What are some of your favourite brands?
There are a couple brands I'm loving lately
-M.A.C(All time)
-Inglot(Love their eye shadows)

4.What dose makeup mean to you?
I think it is a way that i express
my form of art,
and it is what i love to do.
And that is what my career is going to be too.

5.If you could only wear 4 products in your face what would it be ?
-Garnier Roll-on under eye concealer



6.What is your favourite thing about makeup?
My favourite thing about makeup is that it is
a way to enhance your natural beauty, and you can experiment with it
do anything your want with it and there are no rules with that :D

7.What do you think of drug store makeup vs. high end makeup?
I think they are similar in a way or whatnot,
to me, some drug store brands has really good quality eyeshadows,lippies
some dont', and that applies to high end makeup too in my experience.
Some brand stands out more, you know :P and you really have to
try it yourself, cause everything works on different people
differently, so yea.

8.What is one tip of advise you would give to a beginner?
I would say, girl when you start to wear makeup, less is more 
don't cake on everything, specially face products like your foundation
it can make you look horrible and it might break you out too
so no no. I have seen a lot of girls doing that.
And. Always make sure your fdt matches your skin tone and BLEND it so you don't
look too pale or orangy or having your face and your neck a different color
. cause Its not cute ;) Ive seen too many girls at my school doing that.

9.What is one makeup trend you never understood?
Um. I don't really have a trend that i never understood, but
there are some trends i would not wear, if we say it this way ;)
Bright crazy colour lipstick, like neon colours, i like the way it looks on other
people, but it just doesn't suit me well. :)

10.What do you think about the beauty community on YouTube?
I think its awesome, and the community is getting bigger and bigger, more and more people
are getting inspired by beauty gurus,and people learn so much out of their
videos, i learned a lot too, its very cool to have something like this. :)

So that was my little makeup story :)
Hope you enjoyed it, feel free to leave any comments below
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