Saturday, 29 October 2011

Halloween is here ! ♥

So we had a booth at a Halloween Night Market at the pcyc last night
and i've been informed two days before that i was going there
to work so i thought i might dress up a little(i din't have enough time to
go get costumes and stuff ),and i had to wear my work shirt,
so i went to get a fun pink wig :D

everyone looked at me like i was crazy,and i thought
i was the one who was the most dressed up out of all the people there
haha, tho there were customers dressed up as zombies and wore tutus 
didn't get a chance to take any pictures tho, boooooooo

Love using gold on the bottom lash line, one of my fav
bottom lash line colors, and god this pictures make me look like i have super
long lashes hehehe, (most asians have very short lashes ):P

bright gold pink all over the lid with purple on the outter corner
and a deep wine red in the crease(the picture is not showing the red well )
the products used will be listed in the bottom of this post

i was regretting not concealing my black color eyebrows and make them pink
after i left home :(

We had a big drink dispenser, so we decided to put one of our teas in it,
"strawberry patch" tea with rose yummmm, plus some eyeballs - -

clearly someone was having fun with them
(the owners daughter)

our booth for those who dosen't know, i work at a tea shop : rusTicTeas

so i had a walk around the place and found this booth that sells very cute
hand made accessories, i bought 3 pieces, they are soooo cute

Products used :
NYX Jumbo Pencil-Milk
Makeup Forever Eyeshadow-#75
MAC Eyeshadow-Sushi Flower
Urban Decay Eyeshadow-Half Baked
Makeup Forever Eyeshadow-#92
ELF Beauty Book Eye Brights Edition-Wine Red
NYX Eyeshadow-Vanilla Sky
MAC Fluideline-Blacktrack
MAC Eyeshadow-Carbon
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
Loreal Matt Morphose Souffle Foundation-Creamy Natural
MAC Blush- Sincere
MAC Lipstick-Angel
Hope you guys are having great fun this Halloween ;)
feel free to leave questions or comments below,
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see you in my next post

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