Monday, 5 December 2011

TheFace Shop Black Head Nose Clay Mask & SkinFood Peach Sake Pore Serum Review ♥

Hey guys,
so  a few days ago i flew back home from Townsville
cause i have graduated high school, yeayy
and so im gonna spend the next couple months in Hong Kong
which i'm really excited about.
Anyways, so when i was still in Townsville studying
Mum went to Korea cause of business and actually bought me
some stuff,
so thank you mum for getting me things even u were very busy

First off  from The Face Shop its the
Black Head Nose Clay Mask
when i went to Korea last Christmas i was meant to go get it but i
ended up forgetting somehow, so this time, thanks mum !
since i always want to try different things out, you know ,
try this and that and see which one works best for me,cause everyones different
i dont have a serious nose problem, but i still do regularly cleaning,
which is once or twice every two weeks
just to give you an idea how big it is
it doesn't have any particular scent to it, so thats good :D
ive tried nose masks that smelt so weird i didn't even want to use it o-o
the texture is very thick, like it said its clay, and you actually have to apply
it very evenly on your nose, and thick ! or else it won't peel off easy,
and only try to peel it off when its completely dry, or you'll just make a mess like i did. haha
and it has been recommended to be peeled off starting from the
bottom, so you pull the black heads out easier :D

Warning * these pictures can be a bit gross ;)

i was actually pretty happy with the result, it did manage to pull out
most of the black heads,(picture didnt show all of it, guess i take crappy pictures
haha, oh well).

Skin Food Peach Sake Pore Serum
this is one of my absolute favourites ever ! its a pore serum,
i love it, i apply this all over my face after cleansing + toner, it does a pretty
amazing job if you have pretty big pores, i dont have big pores but i found out that this is great
for oily skin people.
It makes my skin feel very smooth and soft, not oily at all. And i love that
scent, peachy but not like candy scent which i dont really like,very light
and fresh

the packaging ? it comes with a pump ! yeay for that, the only thing i dont really like about it
is the body of the bottle is made of glass,which makes it pretty heavy,but hey, it looks good
on the outside hehe

the cream itself is more on the watery side, but not runny like
and it has a hint of pink shimmer in it,
which you wont really notice unless you really have a good look at it

so yea these are my thoughts on
the couple things that my mum has got me,
hope you enjoyed it :D
until next time

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