Friday, 9 December 2011

m.a.c , lush , china glaze haul & review ♥

hey everybody, im back with a haul today :D
so i went shopping yesterday, and basically i went to mac, and some other
places pickin up some stuff i wanted,

m.a.c pro long wear spf 10 foundation - NC35
i was actually looking for a new foundation, and i wanted to try mac's new foundation,
the mastermatch one, so i went to mac, note that i'm in HK, and i asked them about
it, and the ma said its not in the asian macs yet and it doesn't come out till
like the end of 2012 -_________-  right, so, maybe i didn't check about it
cause i was too excited about it, bummer. Anyhew so then i went for the pro long wear which was like my second choice. And, i like it ! Didn't let me down :D

so the girl picked the NC35 shade for me, perfect shade :D
she was really nice, i asked for the shade that suited my skin
because some MAs in make up counters always match your shade
wayyyyy lighter than you are, its weird. if you get what im saying,
its the 'trend' in Jap and HK or wherever else who likes
to have their skin lighter than what they are.And when them girls wear a shade
that is lighter and you can clearly see the difference(from their neck ! o.o) its .....errm.

it comes with a pump, which is great ! most high end brands have
their foundations with no pump, and just pour it out straight from the bottle,
which can cause a lot of 'accidents', cause some people can't
to control the amount and make a mess, specialy if its a runny one o.o

so, as you can see, the picture on the left is me and
my bare face (besides i had some eyeliner on, teeheee)
and i applied one layer of the pro long wear with just a foundation
brush, it gives a nice mid coverage,
and it lightens up my face, and it feels very light
not sticky, very easy to blend with a brush 
i actually wore this today for 8 hours, and i didn't have to blot my face at all !
which is awesome,love it !

Lush - Soap,Honey I washed the kids

just a little share of my soap addictions, i love lush soaps and bath bombs
and this time i got their famous honey i washed the kids, love the scent,
smells exactly like fresh honey,what can i say more ? ;D

China Glaze Crackle Glaze Polish- Oxidized Aqua

so i wanted to try a crackle polish, so i found the china glaze ones, i wan't
too interested in the o.p.i ones, so i got this one, the color is so pretty.
shimmer matalic aqua color

i didn't really know the trick to different effects when appying it
so i just did one thick coat and a thin coat, and i guess
i did it right, hah, yeay !

i'd say this lovely blue suits best on top of pink, makes a nice contrast :)
not overly sharp like a white or black would.

So hope you enjoyed this little hual today
and untill next time.

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