Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Big haul ! Yeay ! ♥

Hey guys,
so i haven't been posting a lot recently
you know, holidays, you go out ,
hang out with your friends, visit cousins and BUY ALOT OF STUFF.......O_O  etc.  So yea,
but, i do have a haul for you today from m.a.c and some other brands 
hehehe, so enjoy !

Japaneses Brand Multi Foundation Brush
so ive been wanting to get a new brush to use and
i came across this one when i was shopping in Sasa
so i picked it up ,used it, and i really like it,
its a small size brush travel size like flat top brush
the hair on it is really dense which is very good, and its very soft.
love it love it love it :D great brush for a brush like this 
one for 60 dollars

E.l.f  Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder
ive been in love with bronzers lately,
so im trying out different ones, so i picked up this one and a mac one too
i know alot of people are comparing this elf one to the nars
one but sorry i dont own that one so :P
but i really like this one, they both have shimmer in it,
the blush has a little glitter in it too, its so pretty, a very flattering color
i can just use it as an everyday wear blush color, and the bronzer is more
on the brown/yellowish side which really match my skin well,
the mac one is pretty orange for me, and i really have to put it on very carefully
not to get too much. 

mac luster drops in sun rush
i'm loving this product, it gives a very nice glow on my cheek bones,
blends very nicely into my skin
mac chromagraphic pencil High def cyan
yes it came out some time ago, it couldnt get it by the time so a friend
of mine got it and kept it with her untill i came back from Townsville(and the pure creation paint pot too).
love the color, too bad it cant be used on the waterline :(
its so creamy and easy to apply.

mac pain pot Pure creation
love this paint pot, its a very nice color, and it looks so cool
under the flash light too,makes a very good blue base for looks :D
easy to blend, love this color

mac eyeshadow club
i've been looking for a brown eyeshadowe like this since i saw the one
that inglot has which is one of their pigments, i have no idea why i didn't
get it when i had a chance, that ones so pretty !
but anyways, i picked up this one, a very nice dark chocolaty brown with
green duo chrome in it.
yup, its The brush cleanser from mac :D
like everyone says, that cap is a little bit of a pain cause it does use
up the whole bottle pretty quickly, soooo
put a spray pump on :D !
yeay ! luckly i had a spray pump that did fit, hehe
(its the pantene hair spray, its a leave on spray that you put on after washing your hair,
i forgot the name :P )

okay, moving on

so i picked up the 24hr real lasting eyeliner by k palette
out of curiosity,cause its really popular in Japan and Hk
 and it was hell for me, uwwww ! D:
i liked the tip of it, makes it easy to apply,
but the formula, somehow it just didnt work for me o.o
it was really watery, it did bleed on my eyes O.O
and it just didnt apply evenly on me, and it took ages to dry -______-
then when i tried to take it off it flaked like crazy. booooo
so i returned it :P

Kate Lipstick BE-2
im loving this lipstick right now, its a perfect pinkish nude lipstick that
really matches my skin tone well, doesn't make me look sick :P
and its perfect for an everyday look, very smooth, not dry at all

Revlon Lip butters
this thing is soooo popular right now, you can see reviews almost everywhere on youtube
so, i gave it a try, we have only 12 shades in HK, which is a bummer
so i picked up Pink Truffle,Peach Parfait and Brown Sugar, i will have a separate
reviews on these lippies soon :D stay tuned ! 

Lancome Hypnose Mascara Waterproof

maybelline falsies has always been my all time favourites,
but im finishing the one i have and i cant get one in Hk which sucks,
drugs stores here do hole the falsies, but the ones they have are a different addition
which has fiber in it, which i do not like, it makes my lashes look horrible.So i decided
to give the Lancome Hypnose Mascara a try, which come out to be
a very good mascara, the brush is big, but not as big as the falsies,
and its thin enough too to get my lower lashes which is awesome
it doesnt smudge through out the day, holds my curls and applies
very smoothly, id say it gives more length than volume to my lashes,
not bad not bad :D one coat gives more of a natural look which makes your lashes look 
thicker and darker, two coats makes it look even thicker and more dramatic,
it doesnt clump or go gloopy too :)

so that was it for my haul today,
hope you guys enjoyed, and 
until next time !

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