Sunday, 17 June 2012

♥ · Essence haul : Eye shadows, nail polishes, souffle blush,eyebrow gel

Hello Hello ! 
Today's post will be a little haul of stuff i got from essence cosmetics,
in Target,i never knew that it was available here(in Townsville,Qld) till a 
couple weeks ago when i went shopping and found it. haha
and knowing that essence makes awesome stuff and has a very good prices
so i picked up a few things. \(OvO)/ Hurray !

essence clear eye brow/lash gel
i always used a colored brow gel for my brows cause they have annoying long hairs
or when i want other colors i would load up the brush
with whatever color i was using and spray it with fix plus so i get a nice and clean
crisp brows :) I thought about using clear eye brow gels but i never found any good ones
with other brands, they are neither crappy or most of them just don't make it.
So im happy that essence does, and i love it !Keeps my hairs in place all day
I think it was around 3 Dollars, good deal ! 

essence Eye Shadow-#02 Dance All Night (Sparkling effect)

this was a color that i fell in love with !  the first week i got it i used it
so much and everyday,oh gods. haha
its a very nice super sparkly light gold color,
it looks awesome in the pan, you can see its like a
light gold color with light silver sparkles in it, it reminds me of the idea that 
xsparkage had for the eye shadow she created for the sigma palette !

when i swatched it , it came out as a very light golden color and
the sparkle/ glitter actually doesnt show up, its shimmery !;D
the eyeshadow it self is very smooth very easy to blend,i didn't feel chalky at all
like i thought it would because lots of eyeshadows with glitter or sparkles in it does that, boo
but this one is great ! its very pigmented.
i can't really remember the price but i think it was 2.50 or something each
and its a fairly big eyeshadow too ! the size is exactly the same with makeup forever ones

essence color and go nail polish-#38 Choose me !

this one is the first color i spotted when i looked at the nail rack, it caught my eye
its such a beautiful color,its an aqua blue green color with lots of green and gold glitter
in it, i read some reviews on makeup alley and it said that its a really good dupe for
Zoya's Charla, i don't own that polish so i cannot compare,but this color just wows me
its my favorite,two coats there it is ! so opaque. the nail
polishes were 2 dollars something each, good deal !

essence color and go nail polish-#78 Blue addicted

this one was so not expected! I love nail polishes with different sized specs of
glitter in it,this one is a dark blue color,kind of like jelly, its clearish
with big specs of green and dark blue glitter in it, along with some more
small blue/ silver glitter in it, because the base color was kind of clear like
i layered 4 coats on it, and try to pick up as much glitter as possible 
without it being too thick when applied. thats one thing i dont like about
glitter polishes with a clear jelly whatever base color.but this one would should up great too
if you just apply it on rop of another blue.

essence color and go nail polish-#04 Space queen

Space queen is a clear pinky polish with lots of different colored glitters in it,
its great for wearing in on another color,the small glitters are gold, red ,orange,
green and blue. sounds like every color is in there huh.

Essence eye souffle eyeshadow(Ballerina Backstage Collection)
-#02 pas des copper 

a very sheer shimmery copper cream eyeshadow, i love that color,
its so pigmented,and its lasting power is amazing,the texture
of it is very soft, very easy to blend,
i can wear this for 12 to 15 hours
and its still there with only very little bit of creasing.its a very nice copper color
,i would normally put this all over the lid if i want something simple,
or add other stuff depends what i feel like.

copper cream shadow all over the lid, didnt go over it with any shadow,dark silver eyeliner
and mascara 
there were three of them in this collection,i think it was a black and another
soft pink, but i didnt get them cause people opened them and put their fingers in it
and made it all yucky. -___- thats what happens at Target,specially if its at
a bad area. sigh

Essence blush souffle(Ballerina Back stage collection)
-#01 prima ballerina

this blush,the color is exactly like the name, a ballerina pink,a very nice
subtle baby pink, it does has the texture of souffle, and for that
i have to use a fair amount of it for the color to show up on my NC35 skin,
or add another light pink blush on top
i would scoop it out with my little concealer brush, about the size of a pea,but a huge pea
and apply it to my apples,it gives a very nice pinky glow,very healthy looking.
the staying power is okay, it lasts about 7 hours or so and then somehow it
will be gone and i might have to re do it.

so that was my little haul, overall i looooove love the stuff Essence has, and will defiantly
go back and try some more things,and they have the best prices ever,as most makeup in Au
are expensive(big sigh).
anywhoo,hope you enjoyed :)

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