Sunday, 10 June 2012

♥ E.L.F cosmetics . Little pack of goodies

A tiny haul of E.L.F stuff :)
My little order from finally came into my mail
last week, A powder brush, studio blush, eyebrow stencils, falsies,lippie
nail polish and three liquid liners.

everything is nicely rapped in bubble raps, double layers :D

E.L.F Essentials Nail Polish-Coral
it was $3.99 on their Au website, i didn't really do any research on the 
reviews for the elf polishes but i wanted to give it a go so i picked a coral colored one, and this one
was a little surprise for me,i thought it was just a gold pink color,as i said i didn't
look for any swatches for it, but its actually a very pretty color in real life !
Its very opaque, two coats and its b-e-autiful ! I swatched it on my sisters hand,
too bad i have gel nails atm, if not i would totally be wearing it. The colors so pretty.
I'm so happy with this color :)

(in natural light, no flash)

it says its a new formula, but i never tried the old ones, so i dont know whats
the difference, but i really like it, its not a gold color like you can see on their website, 
its a very cute warm salmon pinky color with gold sheen to it,
i love combos like these, and it goes very well with warm skin tones,
so it looked very flattering on my sisters hands.Love it Love it !

(with flash )

E.L.F Essentials Lipstick-Fantasy

Fantasy is a very nice nude, to me, its like a my lip color but better lippie,
its very pigmented,very smooth when applied,it looks brown in the tube 
i wouldn't say its moisturizing tho, its okay when i apply it, on my lips
it has a kind of matte finish, and it gets a little bit drying after a while 

E.L.F Studio Powder Brush
Ive heard lots of people saying this is an awesome brush for 3 Dollars that blends
everything perfectly, liquid or powder, contouring, blush
its 10 Dollars in Au but i still wanted to get it, its very soft and dense 
haven't used it yet, but i can't wait :) 

E.L.F Dramatic Lash Kit-Black

E.L.F Eyebrow Stencil Kit 
I always wanted to try shaping my brows with stencils,it helps you to get more even brows
it has four stencils in different shapes, different arches, and they are made out of
plastic sheets, which would make it easier for you to slap it on top of your brow
and put it in place :D I used a couple of them,works great
, some people might not like using stencils
because it might make their brows look like they did em with sharpies
but i don't mind doing them neither soft or harsh looking,
depends what kind of look i'm going for
And these shapes just fir my eyebrows, so you can tell,
it doesn't work well on different peoples faces and they might have very different

E.L.F Studio Blush-Tickled Pink

one of the most popular products from E.L.F , their beloved studio blushes
i was very excited about it, i wanted to get more than one, but they are not 3 Dollars each
but 10, so i just got one instead, i have lots of coral blushes so i wanted a pink one,
and this one works great,it gives me a very healthy pink wash of color on my cheeks,
not too shimmery or any. Very smooth and easy to apply.And it comes with a mirror too !

its hard to capture the color with the camera, but you can kinda see it
and im NC35

At last, the E.L.F waterproof Eyeliner Pens
it comes in 5 shades,i got Plum, Midnight and Black, they were 4 dollars each

The colors of the shades were disappointing, they were all black,
and plum and midnight, you can see a slight purple sheen it you apply them very
lightly, but they are still black overall, ugh.
and midnight was actually very dry too O.O
On the website they said that 
Get no smudge with no-budge eyeliner, 
which creates a fabulous and fresh look of precision that lasts for hours. 
The smooth pen applicator easily glides on 
Color for very fine to bold lines for effortless beauty.

It has a felt tip, which is good, makes it easy to apply,another thing is
that they are not waterproof like it claims to be, i went to wash my hands
after watching it and it came off. Hm.........but think on the good side
i have three new black liquid eyeliners. haha

anywhoo thats it. im very happy with most of the stuff i got
besides the liquid liners.
you can get these products off
or if your in Au you can go to their Australia Website and order stuff there
but they don't have everything from elf yet because they just arrived in Au but
and i think you order more than 30 dollars shipping will be free(with in Au !)
theres also other offers they have if you check it out :>
hope you enjoyed :D

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