Friday, 2 November 2012

Instagraming !

Follow me on instagram if you haven't ! 
Instagram is where I would be the most active, period !

I've been not in action on this blog for a little while,so I'm back and stepping my game up!
Yeah !I'm in the progress of making my first video tutorial on YouTube ever !
So yeay for that !
lighting is all good, camera set up is good, just haven't figured out the whole editing video thing
yet, but ! I'm working hella hard !
Besides that, Uni, yes uni, it has been stressin me out a little lately, my first year at university
is almost over, and as a first year student, i am completely freaking out about my exams,
so that is another major reason why that has been stopping me from blogging which makes me sad. But the good side is, i'll be on holiday soon for a few long months going home, and 
then i can work on all this so much more, i can put so much more time into this.

so, yea, a little update about my recent life,
but stay tuned !
more posts will come, a major collective haul maybe ? 
not promising anything though haha


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