Monday, 12 November 2012

Halloween !

Hey lovelies, so......Halloween post haha, bit late now lol but
being the greatest holiday ever existed,i still want to share what i dressed up as
A fantastic day for everyone in the beauty community too, cause you can go all out loud
with your makeup, costume and just be creative ! Best day to show off your talents and have 
lots of fun !

And this year I'm dressed up as My little Pony's Rainbow dash and a Vampire !
I recreated frmheadtotoe's rainbow dash look, and did my hair into a fauxhawk and sprayed
it with lots of different colors to represent her hair, and wore a cute top and a tutu. Made
myself a pony chain necklace! Thank god i did that, if not everyone would have just thought
i was dressing up as a rainbow haha.

Oh, n its gonna be a photo heavy post ! 


made a badge too, with glitter nail polish,blings, on the card board that
the toys came in , haha.

sprayed my hair with a white color, and then go over it with other colors :)

that stuff on my bottom lash line is actually glitter, if you can't see !
and after the makeup i put on some grey contacts which made it event better

And i did one of my friends makeup, she dressed up as a corpse bride,
it was so much fun

sad brows !

yeay for using glue stick hahaha

love those lashes ! they have glitter beads on it


and then for the next day, i did my makeup with a little bat wing on one side, and a
neutral eye look on the other, also with some light golden brown color contact lenses in :)

don't you just love that goblet ?! It's from typo ! Perfect for Halloween !

there were too many different things i used on my face and my friends
face, so i wont list all of them out
most of the cosmetics i used were sugarpill cosmticis, mac cosmetics and
nars stuff, along with face paint :D

So hope everyone had a fun Halloween !
It was awesome seeing lots of different photos of different
people dressed up in different things,Now i feel like dressing up again,
i want to dress up as a mermaid ! I can't wait for next years Halloween already.


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