Friday, 1 February 2013

Dramatic Blue Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Hello lovelies !
I have another makeup tutorial to share with you today using one of my favorite 
blue eyeshadow of all time ! Which is (drum roll !)....
Sugarpill's Royal Sugar Loose eyeshadow ! It is such a gorgoues royal blue color 
with teel sparkles in it. I can look at that color all day O.O *bling bling bling*

You can wear this look to a party, night out, even to school if your brave enough to do so,
haha, have fun with it, work it the way you like it ! :D

Another thing I wanna mention is, this is only my second video so I am still trying
my best to find the best lighting that suits the room that I film in, it is kinda
hard when your in a small little room in your apartment not having a lot of natural light shining in,
so this time I got myself a small little LED light camera accessory, I think it works alright
but a little bit blue in my opinion, so I'll still have to work with that.
Improve! Improve! Improve ! :>



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