Thursday, 25 July 2013

BH Cosmetics 10 Camouflage Concealer Palette, Photos, Swatches

Hey guys! Today I want to share with you this concealer palette
from BH Cosmetics.
The 10 Camouflage concealer palette retails for $17USD, which is super affordable,
includes 10 concealers with all the shades you can possibly need for highlighting and contouring, you can mix your own shade up.

The packaging is just like the other blush palettes they have, light, sleek black,
the inside of the palette

The 10 shades includes both yellow and pink undertones, 
also a very solid straight up Salmon color,
which is good for all you blue and purple eye bag pandas out there.

So you have all the pink undertones on the top row, and the yellow ones on the bottom row
The shades are all very creamy, easy to blend, can be layered on for extreme coverage, but don't expect that this would cover your tattoos up, its not Dermablend, haha.
But this is very good for acne, redness and under eyes, and I love it so far, used it on some of my clients and it turned out well.

Another use is contouring and highlighting, applying the shades roughly onto the areas that are to be worked with, then blend it out with the foundation, and it gives you a very effortless look.
You may check out this technique by watching this video here,its a video by Wayne Goss(aka Gossmakeupartist) , love his videos, so check it out.
(swatched on NC30/35 skin)

Hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful
have fun 
love love love

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  1. Looks so gorgeous ! Love the shades!