Monday, 14 October 2013

Recent Work : Zombie Boy.

Its October so Halloween will be here soon, good chance to bust out your halloween makeup
and start playing with liquid latex and fake blood, all that good stuff again.

I gave my model a zombie transformation the other day, the results came out very pleasing,
I think it's the scary eyes that pulled everything together !
Taking photos were the best part, get to see everything in action !

Model : Scott Hughson
Photographer : Daniel Crowley
Makeup : Me

Products Used :
Mehron Liquid Latex 
Tissue paper
Red, Green and Black face paint
Blood Scab
Foundation of his shade
Translucent , HD powder

The look is very easy to do, and can be done with a very few little things that you can have easy access to at party shops.
Bare in mind that the liquid latex will ruin your brushes, so don't use any of your precious ;)

Special thanks to Daniel Crowley for taking all these amazing photos, and that awesome Photoshop in that last picture.

Have fun !


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