Monday, 10 March 2014

Concept shoot =Broken Dolls= with Michael Bellis

During this past summer break I spent in Hong Kong, Michael Bellis, who is a brilliant freelance photographer has kindly asked me to join one of his concept shoots doing the models makeup, which the theme of the shoot was inspired by antique glass dolls, broken dolls that is, dolls with cracked imperfections. I was delighted to join the team along with other brilliant people and Michael himself.

While I was there I have also gotten a chance to finally
 meet Jess Wu, also known as the beautiful Hak Me; YouTuber/Reviewer Blogger on YouTube,
and she has vlogged the whole process and behind the scenes and made a video of it, definitely check it out guys !

Hope you liked that video !
The photos below are the four models we had on the day of the shoot on set, I loooove how the photos turned out, everyone did an amazing job.

Model : Hera Kwan (Makeup by me)

The makeup for each model were done individually by four different makeup artists, but all in the same manner and style in order to stay consistent to the theme. White face, cracked faces and dark eyes, it was all good fun, especially creating the fine detailed cracks on their faces. 

Models : Karen Leong / Sell Wong / Hera Kwan / Wincy Hocc

In addition to the hair and makeup, we also had the privilege to see these beautiful dresses and shoes in action, they were out of this world, very different, very special, extremely appropriate for this theme.
The beautiful shoes were from Irregular choice which was a UK brand created and designed by Dan Sullivan. Very beautiful detailing, complimented every outfit.

Model : Karen Leong

Model : Sell Wong / Karen Leong / Hera Kwan / Wincy Hocc

This picture is my favorite, all the outfits were very well put together,the color contrast, texture, all looked so nice. I especially adore those socks with the nice gold patterns on it, the red shoes Wincy was wearing were absolutely stunning and the green dress which Sell was wearing with the shiny outstanding feathers.

Model : Sell Wong
This container that you see in this picture was actually a little light house for candles that was decades old which Michael found in an antique store, which the help of awesome software, here the models are shrunken and put in it. Loved the idea.

Model : Wincy Hocc

I can't express how happy I am to have had this chance to participate in Micheal's concept shoot, I have met so many brilliant people, learnt so much and done so much new things that I have not done before which most definitely gave me more experience in this field :). Great big thank you to everyone.

Photographer : 
Michael Bellis

MakeUp Artists : 
Me myself 

Hair stylist :

Nail artist: 

Team : 
Saima HZ
 Melanie Cook

I will write a separate post about the makeup I did in detail on Hera along with more pictures!
Hope you enjoyed reading this post, stay tuned !

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