Friday, 14 March 2014

Featuring this week : Raymand Chan from Portfolio Make-up School

If you didn't know already, I fly back to my Home city, Hong Kong every year during the summer holidays to get away from the heat in Australia, also visiting all my friends and family.

 And this time I find myself repeatingly visiting the portfolio make-up school to give support to a friend of mine, Raymond, who is just starting as a student at this school. He's a very dear friend of mine and has been working very hard since the first day of his course in becoming a make up artist.

Check out his Facebook page : here
so give him a thumbs up and some support :)

Starting in the beauty industry nowadays isn't easy comparing to what I have heard than in the old days, now that there are so many platforms and different ways to get yourself out there, like the huge and still growing beauty community on YouTube, all the talented artists you can find on Instagram with just one click and a couple simple hash tags. So many competitors in this industry.It's not easy, but with good efforts, any dream can come true. 

Here is some of his work that he has done on different models :)

I hope you enjoyed this post , 
and Raymand, I wish you all the best, enjoy your journey to the top
Have fun .

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