Friday, 15 July 2011

My Hong Kong Haul & Review ♥

Hey Girls, so
my little 3 week term break holiday
in Hong Kong is reaching the end, school next Weds
woohoo (Oh and formal too)o.0, so i thought
that i'm gonna show you guys what i got here
cause yea, did lots of shopping, i mean duhhh ;D
anyhew,gonna start with a little bit skin care stuff :)

Little Warning : LOTS OF PICTURES

Soy Bean Rice Powder Face Wash
Um, this doesn't really have a name, it's in Jap,
but it is a powder in a small little package,
so u open it and then pour it into your hands
wet your face and then rub it on softly until it turns
into bubbles/ foam then u massage your face then rinse it off :D
It feels very nice, my face felt very smooth after, love it,
smells very nice, its actually just a soy bean scent, but i like it :D
it was $HKD30/5.

Testers (Creams/Toners)
BB Breams
The sales girl was really nice, she gave me some samples
to try out, but i really haven't tried any of it yet,
so that will have to wait hehe

Asian Brand Lashes
Love these, they look so good, havent tried it yet
but i really like how it looks ;D
and they were only $HK8 each

KOJL 18R Lash Curler

so it was time to replace my old lash curler, cause
the rubber things was comming off o.0 oh my
so i had to get a new one, i've been using this for almost a week now
lovin it :) $HK59

mac fix +
using it love it, u know what it is ;)
i use it to spray my face sometimes through out the day to
refresh my face a little bit , and sometimes i mix it with

Makeup Forever Eyeshadow No.92 No.75

I've been wanting that purple since forever, it is sooo good
like the best purple i can find in the whole wide world
well, of course there are a lot of good ones, but i like this one :D
the number 75 is a very bright hot pink, almost neon like,
its awsesome but a little bit hard to work with for me,
and it tends to leave a little pink glowy stain on my lids afterwards
and i did have a primer under it.
i think it was $HK220 each

I also got the mac palette so i can put all my shadows in :)
it was $HK120

Elf Beauty Book-Eye Brights Edition

I got it off the net, cause it was the only i could, so yup,
it was $HK98, not bad, love it, love how its got the mirror
in it :) 

I love them they are soooo pigmented, besides some of them
which are different colour glitters

The two below are my favourites.
i love olive greens, the one the left is like
a grassy dark green with a gold sheen to it, very smooth and fne
also pigmented,and the one on the left, omg
i love it sooo much, its like a teel blue green colour
with gold reflects to it,its almost like a mermaid colour :)

Elf 4 piece brush set

its very dense , i use the kabuki the apply loose powder
love it, the hait is taklon bristle hair, very smooth
and its cruelty free !
it comes with 4 travel size brushes, a complextion brush, concealer brush,
blending brush and a kabuki brush.
short handles, natural bamboo handles, so cute :D
love this little set, i like how it comes with a little pouch/bag, so i can put them in
and i got it for $HK98, which is a really great price :D

i also got this
Tigi Bed Head Small Talk

heard some good things about it, it is suppose to hold your hair
in place, i curl my hair sometimes and i want somthing to hold it
without using a hair spray, i dont really like hair spray
cause it makes it really hard. and this can add volume to your hair too
which is what im looking for too, haven't tried it yet, but i bet ill love it

Mac WonderWoman Blush in Mighty Aphrodite
i asked my friend to get it for me when it came out a few months ago
cause i was in Townsville, which is somewhere with no mac o.0
so got it today from her, the colours are really pretty,
i would use to top part as a highlighter and the botton as a blush
i will do a review on that soon

Domo makeup bag
i saw this and it is sooo cute XD. its just a small little makeup bag
that comes with a mirror, perfect for me to put all my stuff in there,
so it isnt all shatered around in my bag haha
i love domo, so cute :)
oh and its like $HK79 i believe :D
so there i have everything in there, perfume,
powder, lip stuff, u know

This isn't really makeup related, but i still wanted to show you :D
its just a pair of shoes i couldn't take my  eyes off the other day when
i was shopping with my friends
And, i was tempted, so i got it in the end. i know .
its very comfortable, very nice :) and it was on sale for
$HK180 so yea, i like it :D

oh and just in case, i wasn't doing a lot of different looks during my holidays
coz a lot of time im in a hurry, so i do it real wuick, so didn't have time for
bright colours, it usualy takes me a while to do it, because,
i mean, it can go wrong right? n then u have to do it all over again,
so i just do what i normaly do, just do something nuteral and then maybe add
a pop of colour on the lashline, blues, purples, greens
excuse my hair hehe

so that was that, hope you guys enjoyed it
and my school formal is comming up and i will put up
a post on here to show u my fotd and stuff for that, stay tuned
comment and follow my acebook page
and i will see you in my next post :)


  1. hey,do u remember me ?
    may i know where can get the ELF brush set ?
    from the net ?
    it seems nice ! i want it;p
    (although i got so many brushes,but its look cheap and nice ;D)


  2. Yea of course haha :) I got it off the Yahoo Auctions Site :) Just search for elf stuff there and you will find it :D Hope this helps you