Saturday, 30 July 2011

Cover Girl Exact Eyelights Shadow Palette & Eye Enchancers Palette Swatches, Photos ♥

Hey everybody, I'm back with a little swatch and review on these
couple things that i picked up from target today :)
i wasn't really looking for any eye shadows really he he
i was just going to get another acne cleanser cause I'm running
out of it, its the Clean & Clear Advantage Continuous Control
Acne Cleanser if you were wondering, which i will do a review on that soon too 
But i saw the covergirl stuff and thought hey they look nice
so i got two of them , one from the exact eyelights line and one
from the eye enhancers line.

CoverGirl Exact Eyelights #710 Radiant Blues
I think it was about 13 dollars
and how cute it came with a brush
 its just a eyeshadow brush, and its big, which i wouldn't use
it for eye lid shadows i would use it for my brow bone highlights maybe.

so these are all shimmery, and i found out that if you apply them wet
its much better than just applying it regularly, which the colour payoff isn't that good
in my opinion . When its applied wet the two darker shades
are more on the metallic kind of shimmer side, and the lighter shades
are actually good enough without applying em wet

 with primer on top, no primer on the bottom
with flash

no flash

overall i like it, nothing special, very wearable for me,
and ill do a look on that soon
price : 3/5
pigmentation : 3/5
buy it again ? : no

CoverGirl Eye Enchancers Palette #205 Tropical Fusion
This one has very similar colours with the one above
accept it has a light lime green not a vanilla colour
but id say the colours are much more pigmented and vibrant
and doesn't need to be applied wet to make it look good
i mean you still can if you want to to make it look
extra vibrant :)

 with primer on top , no primer on the bottom

no flash

with flash

overall , i like it didn't disappoint me like the other did, a little bit :P
i especially like that lime green which the camera is now willing to show you guys
properly, oh well
price : 3/5
pigmentation : 4.5/5
 buy it again ? : no
cause i have lots of tropical colour palettes already o.0

so that was my little review on the palettes,
leave comments below and follow me on facebook
and I'll see you in my next post

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