Saturday, 30 July 2011

MAC WonderWoman-MightyAphrodie Blush Review ♥

So the mac wonder woman collection came out last march,
unfortunately i was still in Townsville which has no mac stores
so i called my friend and asked her to do the favour for me
and she got me this blush which is super pretty

M.A.C WonderWoman Collection-Mighty Aphrodie
The bottom part which is the 1/3 of the blush
is a very pretty shimmery light bubble gum watermelon like pink,
the upper part 2/3 of the blush is a very lovely pink peachy colour
with gold sheen to it.

Its a perfect blush for my skin tone, gives me a nice glow :)
but i can wear it everyday tho, cause i will use it up pretty quickly
and i dont want that to happen, haha

-Left : Mixed  -Middle:Bottom part -Right: Top part

oh and my school formal :)

i couldnt find a close up picture of my makeup that night,
so this was the closest one i could :) it was a very light soft
grayish blue colour all over the lid
with a matt brown and black colour in the outter v
and falsies

So that was that :)
Hope you enjoyed , follow me on facebook
and i will see you in my next post

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