Tuesday, 1 November 2011

My Sugarpill Oder has Arrived (unboxing post )!!!! ♥

So i caught a really bad flu and have been
stoned lying in my bed for the past 3 days, still am today
(missing all my exams, not good D:)
but i still really wanted to post this up !
Slap me face and throw me out the window mama!
My sugarpill cosmetics that i ordered 3 weeks ago has finally arrived!
i thought it was going to take longer that that
cause it said 2 to 6 weeks for internationals
but turns out it got here today, unreal
(still overly excited about that lil surprise haha)

screamed out with my last breath when i saw my homestay parents taking this
into my bedroom!  i was / am still really sick :P

How awesome is that seeing the owner of the company writing a thanks personaly
on it. <3 <3

so i opened the box , i knew it was pink cause i saw it in other's
posts hehe, but i was still very happy and thrilled to see the bright pink
papper shine into my eyes when i opened it ,wrapping the stuff i ordered :D

I ordered the two palettes and a loose shadow also some stickers
-Burning Heart Palette
-Sweet Heart Palette
-Royal Sugar

The packaging is just toooooo pretty and cute o___o
miss kika is toooo awesome ! haha

A sample comes with every order :)

Magentric Loose Eyeshadow

it came with a very cute card , love that look on Apnea :) !

and the other side : Kerli !! Ahhhhh ! ><

Lovely glitter stickers :)

I ordered these on the 20th of October, and it took only less
than 3 weeks to get here(mind you im in Australia), im really happy with the shipping
it coasted me (USD)83 dollars for everything, the two palettes,$34 each
a loose shadow $12 and 3 stickers $1 each
and you get free shipping when your order is over $75,which is another
huge plus :D
totally worth it ! I will definitely order some more of hteir products !!

And watch out for the next post lovelies !
Swatches & review and more photos comming up !
so untill my next post

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