Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Sugarpill ! Review & swatches ! ♥

Alright, continuing ! I did the swatches last night
before i went to bed cause i was still too overly
excited hehe, so here it is ! :D
[for those who doesn't know about Sugarpill Cosmetics
it is an awesome custom line (started in 2010)of super pigmented ,bright and bold 
pressed eyeshadows and loose pigments by this incredibly amazing person  

Sweet Heart Palette

the box is actually pretty heavy o.o hey but it comes with a mirror ! <3

Midori-described as the vibrant green with slighty pearl sheen
love it, i have nothing in my collection that is similar to it,
very pretty grassy green, fresh n birhgt.

Dollipop! Its a matte hot pink, very similar to makeup forever #75
bit less neon in my opinion more wearable, cause sometimes when i do looks
with the mufe one it gets a bit overly neon bright and doesn't contrast the other colors
that is with it, or it might just probably be me haha, i love this !

After Party-love this blue, very different to what i have,most of the blues i own
looks like light blue in the pan but always come out darker
or just not as pigmented
i have no shade like this light vibrant blue, very special
and i really like the name of it, sounds soooo cool :D

Tako! Such a cute name finally own a white eyeshadow that is a matte one
previous ones i have are all shimmery, described as a pure matte white, exactly what
i am hoping for, yooohoooo

i didn't rub my fingers into the eyeshadows,just lightly
swipped it over them and woah,
didnt out anything or touch and cream/primer before,
but just look at the pigmentation
amazing !

they look almost the same in size wise in the pan, but mufe is actually alightly smaller
but hey you get 4 grams of product out of that pan, so price wise, definetly Sugarpill!

they are almost, almost the same when i swatched them, but the mufe has
a little bit of shimmer to it.

and Dollipop does stain, i just cleaned my fingers with makeup remover on a cotton
ball lightly, i didn't rub it hard tho,so i wouldnt look like that when you take it off your eye hehe
but okay, when you get stains, after you take ur eye makeup off, i would soak
the cotton ball with makeup remover and hold it for a few secs then go wash my face
with makeup remover then they would normaly be gone by then, if they dont,
they just wear off over time ;D

Burning Heart Palette

i love these colors because
they are soooo pigmentes no matter if they are matte or not,
normaly when you get an eyeshadow, let say yellow,
they are often neither very shimmery or not pigmented
and then you get disapointed, but this one
perfectttt !!!

poison plum, id say best purple you can find out there (after the makeup forever one)
its described as a dramatic purple with a semi-pearly sheen
totally gorgeous!

this color is like the highlight out of everything i own! it is a solid
pure matte yellow, the brightest you can find, so opaque !
a yellow that everyone can dream of, my life is complete ! mwahahahahaha

another eyeshadow that has completed my life like buttercupcake,
dream come true ! no more non pigmented oranges ! Yoohoooo

Love +
incredible bright red,ways to wear reds are so incredibly acknowledged now
that a lot of people are not so afraid to wear it anymore
(dont get mad if you normaly wear it, some people used to hate
this shade and thinks its the last shade you can put on your eye besides for Halloween)

these are sooo pigmented,im so happy i get them haha,
buttercupcake's swatch here might look a little bit chalky, but its actually not,
it could  be my finger thats doing it. hehe

this one like the last stain picture i had above, like i said, i just
wipped them off with cotton ball soaked with  makeup remover,
i didn't rub them hard, so not all of them stain i bet, the one that kinda did
was poison plum. but it wasn't very noticable.

comparing these two, mufe is actually a more blue toned matte purple,
and poison plum is a more red toned purple with pearl sheen to it.
depends what kind of purple you like but they are both perfect to me
best purples you can find !

Loose Eyeshadow in Royal Sugar

this color look soooo pretty in the jar already
i couldn't take my eyes off it!
This is a very true royal blue color with turquoise sparkle in it
its almost like its glowing in the dark when i swatched it!
love it !

its sooo opaque, its crazy ! another best blue you can find ! brightest blue
i have ever ever seen

i love all these colors, great prices, great service, great value,
most definetly recommend it to people who looooves bright and bold colors
which i bet most of you do ;D
im planning on ordering more of their products, i want to
try them all ! there are so many fun ways you can use them
as just a pop of color to you everyday looks, awesome eyeliners,
vibrant looks, i just can't wait to start playing around with these, so excited
you can also check out their website for tutorials and reviews

if you have any questions please leave it in the comment section below
follow me on facebook and
untill next time

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