Wednesday, 23 November 2011

eotd & hair & my milk nyx jumbo pencil ! ♥

Hey everyoneeee, so since you guys are always seeing me doing
colorful looks i might just post one of the eotds that i do for normal days on here

very simple and quick,on normal days for a quick look
like always, primer, one shadow all over the lid, dark brown on the crease
liner smudged out with black/deep blue shadow
sometimes when i feel like it i might just put a different color on the outer corner
of the lower lashline(i have purple on here)
and then mascara
i use a non waterproof mascara on days like these, although it doesn't hold any curls
but through out the day my lashes feels much better comparing to waterproof
ones, as waterproof ones sometimes makes my lashes feel really hard and dry

products used
NYX HD eyeshadow primer
Maybelline eyeshadow quad-sunlit bronze(mid tone beige on the lid
dark brown on the outer corner)
Max Factor kohl eyeliner
MAC eyeshadow-Carbon
MAC eyeshadow-Parfait Amour
NP set lash & dash black mascara
MAC studio fix-NC35
MAC blush-sincere
Skin food lip & cheeks-apricot

okay on to my hair, so i went over to my beloved friend Haylee's place yesterday
and had this rush of putting some fun colors into my hair, so bleached it,
made it blue, red and purple :D

 love how the colors turned out,
specially the red, it looks very bright outside
dont know what mums gonna be like when she sees me
like this tho haha :P
(she hates me getting my hair colored)

in another news :D
like most of the people i can't sharpen my nyx jumbo pencil !! .v.
i just never have the right sharpener(i bought 4 different ones
and none was big enough.sigh)
so, i melted it into a mac concealer jar, all happy now hehe

bye bye pencil !
used a hair dryer to heat the whole thing up, took me 20 mins plus
and it still wouldn't come out, guess I'm not really patient :P
so i helped it a bit with a toothpick

there we go :D

don't get fooled by how clean it looks tho, took me a very long time
to clean up things, or maybe its just me being very messy and not careful
if you heat it too much it gets too runny it can fly everywhere, and its annoying to
clean it off specialy once it drys up

now i dont have to worry about it, and then go work on the yellow and the
black one = =" but it was kinda fun ;D
hope you guys arn't as messy as i am when it comes
to transfering stuff :P haha
untill next time

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