Saturday, 18 February 2012

Tutorial : Sharp Edge Red Look ! ♥

Hey guys, so ive been wanting to do this look today
which i have finally got the chance to, play around with red 
so something dramatic :)
and oh yea, im starting to show step by step pictures on
how i do the looks, so yea, tutorial like :D but not a video tho,
so mind you this post will be photo heavy ;D

prime your lids :D
here im using : m.a.c paint pot-soft ochre
blend it out evenly :D . duhh

then i placed some tape (stick it on the back of you hands a couple times before you 
stick it onto your eyes, so it doesnt scratch up your skin)
on top of where my crease is, a little bit higher up
than your crease, so you can see the color when you have opened so
then taking any bright red eyeshadow of your choice with a flat liner brush
here im using : Sugarpill Eyeshadow- Love +
place another tape onto where you would have the wing 
and start filling in :D
like so 
and then, at the draw a straight line (you can use tape for this if you want)
starting from your inner corner, up . fill the rest of the shape in :)
just keep filling until your satisfied :D

then you will have something like this 
after that, take any liner brush, draw you regular eyeliner :)
im going to make it thin towards the inner corners of my eye, and the
make it thicker as it goes out and wing it thick.
here im using m.a.c Fluideline-Blacktrack 
like this :D
oh, and line you upper waterline 
curl your lashes
im using Koji's Eyelash curler
and then, im using these lashes today, they are so pretty :)
Ardell Fashion Lashes-#105 Black
apply lash glue, wait for it to go tacky blah blah blah, you know how it works ;)

and then your done ! you can apply some mascara if you'd like too :)
but im not gonna do that 

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial for today 
very simple and easy ,clean cut edges, good fun :D
until next time :)


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    1. Thank you so much BunBun :D omg its you ! \(>V<)/ ima big fan hehe