Saturday, 1 December 2012

I found my HG Brow Kit ! Brow Bar To Go by WhiteningLightning

Hello lovelies,so every girl always have a bad beauty habit,
and mine is over plucking my eyebrows,I used to have a very thick brow,
very thick but sparse,they stayed looking like that all my life until last year,i started noticing
how my brows look on my face with makeup on,and it just made me look kinda weird
they were so thick they became like an all time focus point on my face,
which i didn't like, so i started shaping them and did some plucking,
and once i did that, i started filling them in and experimenting different
products too, and after trying out so many different things,
gels,gel liners,cream shadows, powders and waxes,I have to say this 
Brow Bar To Go from WhiteningLightning is THE BEST product i have ever came across.

I'm a big fan of Sophia Aka Fashionista804 on YouTube,she's amazing,and one
day she posted a video about teeth whitening, so i went and checked it out
and found out that they made brow products too,
so i purchased the brow kit with the discount code and it only costed me $40
for both the eyebrow kit and a teeth whitening pen that it came with,
which was pretty awesome cause it was $119 with no code,eek.
I'll do a little post about the teeth whitening process
soon when the results are more prominent,so stay tuned for that girls !

It comes with two shades of brown , a nice soft warm coffee brown,
and a light taupe brown, perfect for blending the two colors together,
and great for doing other peoples brows too since
it has a darker and lighter shade. And also the wax, which is great, 
not too sticky or too creamy watery like some horrible brow gels,which leaves
a weird shiny finish that made them brows look like they are always wet.

I love the these two shades, i use them as my eye shadow too,it makes my routine 
so much faster, and the darker shade is great for contouring too!

the shadows are very pigmented and very smooth and fine, i fell in love with this
brow kit straight away when i swatched it, oh my god.I will definitely re purchase this 
kit over and over again and recommend to my friends.

Here i used both shades on my brows, using the lighter shade on the top half of my brows
and the darker on the bottom half,love the way these shadows blend together,
and then i would finish it off by dabbing a little bit of the wax with my finger and 
lightly pat it on my brows so my longer hairs aren't sticking out.

Thats what my brows used to look like when they were just slightly filled with
a light brown shadow, seaweed like huh ?
Haha, I'm much happier with what my brows look like now.

Product:5/5 (It became my hg brow product,whats not to love ?)
Pigmentation :5/5(the two shades are the perfect colors for me)
Texture:5/5(very pigmented,can be used as eyeshadow/contouring color as well)
Longevity:4/5(It lasted through out the day,my oil skin just ruins it a bit sometimes)
Application:5/5(very easy application, i use the brush that it comes with for the wax)

Hope you liked this little post about my brows,
go check out their web site out if your interested,its pretty awesome :> !
stay tuned for more updates about whitening lightning stuff that i will post about soon
Follow me for more frequent updates ! :D  

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