Tuesday, 4 December 2012

M.A.C Studio Sculpt Concealer NW20 & Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35 NC30

 Hey lovelies, so today I wanna talk about my favorite concealers that I always use,
since my face isn't perfect I do always have a little somethin' somethin' that i gotta conceal !
A little pimple here or there,maybe a stubborn scar or two, I don't have crazy dark circles though
so i usually just cover that up with my foundation.

Left: M.A.C Studio Finish Concealer NC30 with SPF35
Right:M.A.C Studio Sculpt Concealer NW20(I heard apparently its on the goodbye list
so they are gonna discontinue this concealer since the new mineral one came out)

I always have a concealer that is lighter than my skin and one that matches my skin color,
I have NC30 to 35 Skin tone at m.a.c , I use the studio sculpt(NW20) for highlighting areas
like my nose bridge, cheekbones and the under eye area, and the (NC30)
for my scars and pimples or anything else on my face that needs to be concealed

This is my favorite brush to use for concealers, its just a blending brush,any blending brush
will do for me, I love using a blending brush because it buffs out the concealers very nicely
gives you a flawless and smooth effect when a flat brush can cake your concealer up a little bit
at least for me,I just pick up some concealer with my finger and put it on my area
that needs extra coverage(another reason why I don't use a flat brush to do this is because
fingers can help warm up the product and that helps it go on your skin smoother) 

So the studio finish concealer is the fullest coverage concealer that m.a.c carries,
which is great,it can cover lots,It comes in the m.a.c eye shadow pots
which is different,cause the first thing I thought about the packaging was
gee,this thing will dry out in like no time,but it didn't, haha 
 I really like it, It is very smooth, very easy to blend,I have no problems with it
whatsoever! And its got SPF 35,even better for girls like me
who is always under the sun (-___-)" .
The studio sculpt is more of a medium coverage,you can build it up
if you want,but it might cake a bit, it feels lot thicker and heavier, 
a more cream gel paste like concealer comparing to the studio finish concealer
It comes in the paint pot jars,I always save up these jars when I'm done
for de-potting other stuff,like my nyx jumbo eye pencils,
perfect for those(I still cannot find a perfect sharpener for them).
obviously they can both cake up if you put on too much,a little trick
I use is I mix Fix+ with the studio sculpt to make it thinner and easier
to apply,that minimises the chances of caking up
 So yea, I really like them both, and I will always re purchase these two
this is actually my third jar of studio sculpt concealer,
since its rumored that its being discontinued guess I'll just go and try out the pro long wear one
and the mineral one when I'm finished with this one and If i can't get it anymore.

Hope you liked my post today
stay tuned for more !
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