Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Nail art design of the week : hearts, unicorns, ice creams and cute eyes

Hello ! Back to nails again, this week is not dark any more,
I wanted to try some more detailing on the nails, you know, practise makes perfect,
a lot of times I look for inspirations on Instagram, It's a great place to look for beauty stuff.
And since I have a nail art pen, I can do pretty much anything I want. 
I love unicorns, so I went a head and tried to draw one on my nail.

It did,'t really turn out the way I wanted it to be, but hey, not bad for a first !
So here you go, hope you like it!
I will not be posting a step by step, cause these are pretty self explanatory  you either draw the outline then fill it in, or do it the other way around.

Thumb nail : Heart with a little stitch and wording on it
Random silver color as a base, Revlon Red, Etude house white polish for filling,and black nail art pen.

Index finger nail: Three color ombre,
BYS Light blue ,Butter London-Trout pout, OPI Do you lilac it 

Middle finger nail  :Unicorn
Variety of pinks, black nail art pen 

Ring finger nail : "!"
White polish from Etude house, OPI-short story

Pinky finer nail: Two tone with stitches and lil love hearts
Etude house neon green polish, brown polish and pastel yellow, nail art pen, Revlon Red polish

Thumb nail : failed drip drop paint look 
OPI black polish with gold shimmer(totally don't know the name), SASA nude polish

Index finer nail : Leopard nail 
Japanese brand pink and gold polish, black nail art pen

Middle finger : Ice Cream goodness
Etude house pastel yellow,pink , blue. OPI Do you Lilac it, Silver polish, ELF Coral polish

Ring finger : Dollar sign with glitter polka dots
Butter London Trout pout, Sally Hansen Glitter polish(the gem collection pink one)

Pinky finger nail : (my favourite !) Colorful neon Eyes
Etude house neon green,white, pastel yellow, light blue, lilac purple, Revlon red,
back nail art pen.

I personally thought It was a fail for my on the right thumb nail this week, the unicorn can be better. And I like the little eye one the best :) 
I'll have more pictures of my nails next week. And I will take step by step photos!!
So stay tuned if you like all this :)
Have fun !

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  1. hello, i enjoyed reading your blog and those nails are cute! :)