Monday, 29 April 2013

Nail art design of this week, Dark tones, galaxy nails, crosses,all the pattern goodness.

I have really enjoyed posting about my nails on my previous post, 
so I'm going to do more :) And this is the second set of nail design that I did, ever since I 
I started painting my nails again, abandoning my acrylic design underneath everything.

My last set of nails , I had pastels and light colors, mints and yellows,so this time I wanted darker colors. I don't really think about how I want it or having it written down and such,
I just go with the flow. And here is how it came out.

Ombre on the thumb nail :
 OPI Nail Polish in Ink , Do you Lilac Me and Short Story
How to  : Ripped out a tiny little piece of makeup sponge, dipped it with the polish,
and start dabbing the color onto the area I want it, fade it out as I reach the transition area
so it won't look harsh. Repeating that process until It was opaque enough. Then I went over it with a layer of glitter polish from Essence, and Top Coat.

Index finger two tone : 
Japanese brand gold polish, OPI Do you lilac it, Black Nail Art Pen
How to : Paint you nail with the lilac color on one side the the gold on the other, wait till it's completely dried, then take your nail art pen and start doing a zig zag pattern down your nail.

Middle Galaxy nail : 
 I used a mix of colors, dark blue, pink, lilac, pastel yellow, white and a little glitter
How to : Its basically the same technique I used on my thumb, apply a dark blue or black color as a base color, then instead of sponging in three horizontal sections, I sponge the yellow on the top middle and go down in a S shape, and then sponge lilac and pink on the side of yellow,almost l8ike outlining the yellow, then working on the colors back and forth until everything is fading in nicely. Take a doting tool and dot some random white dots on the nails,
like little stars, then go over the whole nail with glitter polish to let everything blend in together.(wow, I should really just make a tutorial instead right ?)

Ring finger accent nail pattern:
  Japanese brand nude and blue color polish, Silver and black nail art pen.
And a little bling.
How to : Paint top 3/4 nail with the nude color, paint the rest with dark blue. Then draw a ling in between the two colors with silver nail pen. After all the colors are completely, using the black nail art pen, draw on the patterns.

Pinky Cross pattern : 
 OPI Polish( I forgot the name of it, it's a black with fine silver glitter), 
Japanese brand Gold polish
How to : Paint the nail with black(2 layers, I did) Then using the doting tool, picking up the gold color, draw the crosses on where you want it. Pretty damn easy.

Here is the other hand. More galaxy, patterns, this hand has less detailing of course, cause I'm right handed and detailing is really not a strength for the left. 

One of my acrylic nails accidentally snapped off the other day while I was 
trying to pick some heavy stuff up with out being too careful , ouch ouch :(

Thumb : Two tone colors. 
OPI Ink, Japanese brand gold polish, Etude House white polish, glitter polish
How to :Paint the nail with the two colors, then draw a line with the gold down in the middle,
apply a layer of the glitter polish

Index finger : Plain with glitter
Inglot nail polish #628, Sally Hansen Glitter polish
The nail broke off :(  So , how to ? Its pretty self explanatory I guess

Middle finger : Ombre nail with leopard print 
Etude house white and pastel yellow polish, Manic panic neon pink polish 
How to : do the ombre like it was mentioned before but with different colors, then after its dried, draw the outlines of the leopard patterns, then fill it in with the gold color.

Ring finger : Poka dots
OPI black and gold polish.
How to : paint your nail with the black color, then using a dotting tool, dot the gold on top in the pattern you want.

Pinky : Glalxy nail.
Same as the one on the other hand :)

Hope you enjoyed reading this nail of the week post
try it out ! And Have fun !


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous! I like the first 5 patterns more!