Friday, 24 May 2013

Eye make up of the day : Teal colors (Urban Decay Flipside eyeshadow)

Teal colours makes brown eyes pop, its a gorgeous colour and fun for summer time wear.
 I did this look with Sugarpill, Urban decay and mac cosmetics shadows. And the star of this look today is the Urban Decay's Flipside eyeshadow, super gorgeous teal colour,
very true to colour and brilliant pigmentation.

  1. Highlight your brow bone with foxy 
  2. Apply cork in the whole crease area
  3. Use soft brown to fade the crease colour out
    -Applying crease colour first, since we are going to be using a cream colour base all over the lid later on, crease work will be easier if done first.But its just personal preference,do it how you like it if you will.
  4. Apply a colour base to the lid, can be a white base or a teal coloured base
  5. Apply Flipside all over the base leaving the outer 1/3
  6. Put royal sugar on the remaining portion of the lid
  7. Apply bulletproof on the outer corner only
  8. Carefully blend away! -Go back and forth with the colours since the blending takes some of the colour away.
  9. Do the same colour placement for the bottom lash line
  10. Take a white pencil and highlight the inner corners
  11. Go over the inner corner with vanilla eye shadow.
  12. Line the upper lash line, wing it out
  13. Rim the upper and lower waterline
  14. Curl the lashes and apply mascara
    And your done :) !

Products used :

-24 Hour tattoo cream eye shadow Edgy emerald (all over the lid as a base)
Urban decay
-Flipside(All over the lid) 
-Foxy(Browbone highlight) 
-Twice Baked(Outer corner)
Sugarpill Cosmetics
-Royal Sugar Loose Shadow(Outer 1/3 of lid) 
-Bulletproof(Outer V)
m.a.c cosmetics
-Soft Brown(In the crease for color to fade out)
-Cork(heavy in the crease)
-Vanilla(Inner corner highlight)
Inglot Cosmetics
Gel liner #77
White kohl pencil 

Hope you liked the look, go ahead and try it out
have fun !