Monday, 27 May 2013

Nail of the week. Iron Fist Clothing Inspired Nail Design, Zombie Nails.

I have finally took my acrylics off a couple weeks ago so I have been having short week nails for the past 2 weeks, but no more ! I went and got them done again, this time gold glitter acrylics, cause I am a forever sucker for glitters.

These are my nails now, clear tip with gold and silver glitter

I felt arty farty that day and I wanted to show Iron Fist clothing some love since I'm a big fan, so I did some nail designing on zombie nails.

These are the two products from them that I was looking at while I was doing the design,
so pretty isn't it ?

And like I said before, when you have a nail art pen, ANY nail design is possible. Its so easy, as long as you can draw and am very patient with the drying time that it takes.
All you have to do, is paint on the color underneath and then outline the shapes out with your pen! Nice and neat, easy done !
That is what I have kind of come up with it, but I didn't follow much haha, I just went with the flow

Anyhew, without further ado, lets see home pictures of these bomb nails !

I drew them on some nails, since I have my nails done, I don't want to mess with them yet, but as soon as the ones I have on now start to look ugly, this will definitely go on my fingers.
My Favourite design ever !

Hope you loved it, cause I am obsessed with these.
Try it out and rock them !
Have fun !

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